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Table of Contents:

   Salloum at UCLA Film and Television Archive & L.A Freewaves

     "pressl_eva" <>

   4z4; a net art no show
     "abraham linkoln" <>

     "pressl_eva" <>

   New York Anarchist Forum: Nov. 12 >>> SHAC
     David Mandl <>

   Multifield Symposium, MEP, December, Paris
     Louise Desrenards <>

   Thing Drinks with Sebastian Luetgert and Zeljko Blace - On November 15th,
     "ricardo dominguez" <>

     "Cusp-Info" <>


Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 04:11:39 EST
Subject: Salloum at UCLA Film and Television Archive & L.A Freewaves

The UCLA Film and Television Archive
& L.A Freewaves present:

in/tangible cartographies: new arab video
curated by Jayce Salloum

Thurday, November 14
7:30 p.m.
Works by: Elia Suleiman, Walid Ra窶兮d, Rashid Masharawi, Akram Zaatari,
Khan, Tawfik Abu-Wael, Mounir Fatmi, Azza Al Zarouni, (see full program


Sunday, November 17
7:00 p.m.
"untitled," recent videotapes by Jayce Salloum, 1999-2002

Tonight, Jayce Salloum, curator of our "in/tangible cartographies: new arab
video" exhibition, will present his own "untitled" project, an ongoing
videotape addressing subjects living through crises/change, personal
interventions in political realities, and the overarching theme of
interstitiality. In part 1: everything and nothing (1999-2001, 40 mins.),
Salloum, off-camera, talks with Soha Bechara, the ex-Lebanese National
Resistance fighter who was detained for 10 years in the notorious El-Khiam
torture and interrogation center in South Lebanon. In a riveting and
conversation, Salloum inquires about home, being interviewed to  death,
resistance, survival, and the distance between Paris, where Bechara now
lives, and Khiam. In part 2: beauty and the east (1999-2002,
work-in-progress, excerpt c. 20 mins.), Salloum turns obliquely to the
Yugoslavia. In a kaleidoscope of interviews, refugees, migrants, asylum
seekers, and residents address topics ranging from identity and fascism to
optimism and monsters. In both anecdotal and theoretical recountings, they
lay out the issues currently at stake in this region of displacement and
redefinition; their words are located within images of cities and
Also shown will be a preview sequence of part 3: (as if) beauty never ends窶
(2002, 11 mins.), in which a montage of orchids blooming and footage from
sites of the 1982 massacres at Lebanon's Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps p
rovides an elegiac response to the Palestinian dispossession.

Events are at the James Bridges Theater in Melnitz Hall, located on the
northeast corner of the UCLA Westwood campus, near the intersection of
Boulevard and Hilgard Avenue. Tickets are available at the theater one hour
before showtime.  Admission is $7 general, $5 students, seniors and UCLA
Alumni Association members with ID. Parking is available adjacent to the
James Bridges Theater in Lot 3 for $7. For further information, please call
(310) 206-FILM or visit

- ----
Full program notes below:

The UCLA Film and Television Archive & L.A Freewaves

in/tangible cartographies: new arab video

We have (too) many images for this place/this region and as many names, but
none of them is accurate or adequate: Middle East, Near East, North Africa,
Maghreb, Levant, Holy Land, Arab world, Muslim world, the Orient. We have
few names for the people of these places. There is a certain violence in not
naming, just as there is an innate violence in the naming (i.e., "terrorist"
or "prisoner") that we engage in.

     This place (these people) has been over- and under-reproduced
the history of its representation by its visitors, its conquerors, its
"allies" and those who are passing through. These representations are ours.
We are implicated within these constructions.

     in/tangible cartographies seeks to provide an audience for a range of
work by Arab videomakers living in this (unnameable) region. It also
the work of those in exile, or "dispossession," as are Palestinian
videomakers inside and outside of the "occupied territories." In lieu of
being silenced and having one窶冱 existence ignored or obliterated, these
account for marginalized voices of experience, composing a history denied
substantiating a concrete body of work.窶寧ayce Salloum

This program is curated by Jayce Salloum, a media artist, curator and
cultural activist currently living in Vancouver, Canada.
Essay and notes by Jayce Salloum, abridged from a longer version.
All works are on video; formats vary.

Thursday, November 14
7:30 p.m.
in/tangible cartographies:
sliding life through narrow spaces forced into (cracks) where rivers could
not (yet) flow窶ヲ

(Palestine, 1999) Directed by Rashid Masharawi
The preparation of makloubeh, a traditional Palestinian dish, is served up
image and substance, reflecting on the nature of nourishment, the land and
culture. Masharawi uses a respectful humor and a bucolic freshness of images
in this short treatise on Palestinian identity.
In Arabic with English subtitles, 5 min.

(Palestine, 2000) Directed by Elia Suleiman
Displaying sardonic wit and attention to detail, Suleiman creates a terse
forceful transposition of the biblical story of Mary and Joseph to
the repressive control of movement and the abuses of daily Palestinian life
suffered under Israeli military occupation.
Intertitles in Arabic and English, 16 min.

(United Arab Emirates, 2000) Directed by Azza Al Zarouni
Private space as discomforting comfort zone at home in Abu Dhabi. Ubiquitous
cell phone ringing punctuates this stream of dissatisfaction with pop
3 min.

(Al-llka Al Hamra)
(Lebanon, 2000) Directed by Akram Zaatari
Within the changing urban environment of Beirut, two souls find themselves
a cycle of loss, departure, rupture and celebration. An impressive video
er inspired by a story of separation between men.
In Arabic with English and French subtitles, 10 min.

(Kos om el film dah)
(Egypt, 1998) Directed by Hassan Khan
Surrounded by a multitude of reasons to tape and seeing none, the videomaker
runs at life with a soul lost to despondency.
In Arabic with English subtitles, 4 min.

(Morocco/France, 1998) Directed by Mounir Fatmi
Fatmi analyzes how language has lost its power of understanding and
communication; "deep in the mouth, the tongue is nothing more than a
Full of clutter, the tape shows how speech and the corollary of being heard
are necessary ingredients for survival. In French and German with English
subtitles, 13 min.

(Lebanon/US, 1996-99) Directed by Walid Ra窶兮d
A videotape in three parts exploring the possibilities and limits of writing
and imaging a history of the Lebanese civil wars (1975-1991).
17 min.

(Yawmeyat A窶冑er)
(Palestine, 2001) Directed by Tawfik Abu-Wael
A videotape about memory positioning itself in relation to the "other," it
can be seen as a metaphorical account of the Israeli-Palestinian "peace
process." Based loosely on the novel For Bread Alone by Moroccan writer
Mohamed Choukri.
In Arabic with English subtitles, 14 min.

Total running time: 82 min.

In person: Jayce Salloum

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

- --------------------------

Sunday, November 17
7:00 p.m.
"untitled," recent works by Jayce Salloum

untitled part 2: beauty and the east (excerpt)
In a kaleidoscope of interviews from the former Yugoslavia, refugees,
migrants, asylum seekers and residents address topics ranging from identity
and fascism to optimism and monsters. In both anecdotal and theoretical
recountings, they lay out the issues currently at stake in this region of
displacement and redefinition.
25 min.

untitled part 3b: (as if) beauty never ends窶ヲ
Ambient images窶俳rchids blooming, plants growing, clouds and water窶蚤re
superimposed over raw footage of the carnage at the Sabra and Shatila
camps in Lebanon after the 1982 massacre, with the voiceover of Abdel Majid
Fadl Ali Hassan (a 1948 refugee living in Bourg El Barajneh camp) recounting
a story told by the rubble of his home in Palestine.
11 min.

untitled part 1: everything and nothing
An intimate dialogue with ex-Lebanese National Resistance fighter Soha
Bechara in Paris, taped (during the last year of the Israeli occupation) one
year after her release from captivity in El-Khiam torture and interrogation
centre in Lebanon where she was detained for 10 years, six in isolation.
41 min.

Total running time: 77 min.

In person: Jayce Salloum

for more info and clips on Jayce Salloum's video work:$artistdetail?SALLOUMJ

TV OR NOT TV, L.A. Freewaves窶・8th Celebration of Experimental Media Arts,
takes place throughout greater Los Angeles during the entire month of
November. Selected from a wide pool of entries, TV OR NOT TV's extraordinary
programs present puzzling questions and dynamic alternatives to
corporate-filtered entertainment and alarmist, biased news reporting:

Events are at the James Bridges Theater in Melnitz Hall, located on the
northeast corner of the UCLA Westwood campus, near the intersection of
Sunset Boulevard and Hilgard Avenue.

Tickets for events at the James Bridges Theater are available at the theater
one hour before showtime.  Admission is $7 general, $5 students, seniors and
UCLA Alumni Association members with ID.

Parking is available adjacent to the James Bridges Theater in Lot 3 for $7.
For further information, please call (310) 206-FILM or visit


Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 16:19:00 +0100
From: "pressl_eva" <>



++ Architectures of Control. Containment and Information.  ++
++ Links ++ Opening Soon: World-Information.Org @ Amsterdam ++
++ OSCE Keynote Speech: Freedom of Expression And New Technologies ++
++ ++ compiled by World-Information.Org ++



A far cry from the optimistic sentiment that ran across the emerging net
community in the mid Nineties, ・reedom of information・in electronic
networks is increasingly viewed as a гecurity hazard・ Systems of
containment are emerging, in which data, but also bodies are directed by
architectures of control.

While the EU has decided to scan all immigrants and asylum seekers
biometrically in order to be able to track them, and in Britain a
11-year-old girl is expecting a tracking-chip to be implanted under her
skin, private prison management companies such as Corrections Corporation of
America or Wackenhut are transforming prisons into experimentation grounds
for new tracking technologies. Yet by entrusting surveillance to private
companies accountability to the political system and its citizens is slowly,
but surely disappearing.

Applied to data instead of bodies this trend is called Digital Rights
Management (DRM); the privatization of access and control of information.
DRM manufacturer and huge media and  entertainment corporations seek to turn
the infosphere into a controlled environment dominated by so-called дrusted
systems・ Systems that can be trusted by the 電ata lords・ in order to make
the Intellectual Property (IP) rights business as profitable as possible.

DRM is set to redesign the entire information landscape with a view to
technically enforcing copyrights payment. To that end it tries to turn the
accustomed PC into something like a remote-controlled sales terminal. 展ho
should your computer take its orders from?  With a plan they  call "trusted
computing", large media corporations (including the movie companies and
record companies), together with computer  companies such as Microsoft and
Intel, are planning to make your computer obey them instead of you・warns
Richard Stallman of Free Software Foundation.

In a 鍍rusted environment・ the prisoner痴 tracking cuff is replaced by
watermarks and similar encodings. The rules and standards that will make
trusted systems work are established in the exclusive environments of
corporations. Yet these standards will soon be decisive for every body, they
will shape people痴 behavior in a subtle but effective fashion. Once the
values and interests have taken on the shape of seemingly neutral technical
standards, they will simply be accepted without further questions.

Yet new emerging open spaces are pointing the other way. Numerous
initiatives work at revitalizing the idea of the commons, a resource held
妬n common・that is equally enjoyed by a number of persons. Originally
derived from the land law they transfer this concept in a digital context by
making available content to the broad public for free. In contrast to the
idea of DRM, which creates an elitist society where only those who can
afford it are allowed access to information, projects derived from the
conception of a commons aim at including rather than excluding as many as
possible from the infosphere.

Following this claim a range of initiatives are set to recover open space
for information exchange and shake off information handcuffs, not by
澱reaking・copyright, but by avoiding it in the first place. In science, a
recent project is the International Mathematical Union痴 global network that
recommends its members to publish all research free of charge. Others, such
as the German Initiative for Network Information are trying to develop a
digital commons for research, bypassing subscription fees that can amount to
thousands of Euros for specialized journals and databanks or UNESCO that has
recognized the importance of free software for development and dedicated a
free software portal.

But besides those more well-known projects there exists a much larger number
of smaller, civil-society initiatives of free information sharing that are
set to revitalize the commons. Cultural groupware, free software,
peer-to-peer platforms are all part of a new appreciation of the digital
public domain.


++ LINKS ++

Corrections Corporation of America


Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

International Mathematical Union

German Initiative for Network Information

UNESCO Free Software Portal



After successful major presentations in Brussels and Vienna (2000)
World-Information.Org now opens its doors in Amsterdam. From November 15
through December 15, 2002, it will once again stage its extensive exhibition
and conference program. In the Oude Kerk World-Information.Org will outline
the history of communication networks and explore their future, exhibit
historic and state-of-the-art control and surveillance technology and
display digital artworks and installations by, among others, Marko Peljhan,
Critical Art Ensemble, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Arthur Elsenaar and
Taco Stolk.

On 6 and 7 December, 2002, De Balie will host the World-InfoCon conference
'The Network Society of Control', an international and interdisciplinary
forum on the issues of surveillance, security and freedom of networks.
Speakers will include Elly Plooij, VVD member of the European Parliament,
and Alexander Patijn, adviser to the Dutch Ministry of Justice. In addition
to the conference World-Information.Org offers a diverse workshop and
educational program .

The opening event will take place on 14 November, 2002, 18.00 at Oude Kerk.

In cooperation with Waag Society, De Balie and Netherlands Media Art
Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts.



On 7 October, 2002, Konrad Becker, Director of World-Information.Org, was
invited to deliver the keynote speech at the preparatory event for the OSCE
Mediterranean Seminar on media and new technologies: implications for
governments, international organizations and civil society (4-5 November,
2002, Rhodes, Greece) in Vienna.


The Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0
is the carrier of World-Information.Org
Zwischenquartier, Burggasse 21
A-1070 Vienna, Austria
phone: ++ 43.1.522 18 34
fax: ++ 43.1.522 50 58

Under the patronage of UNESCO.

- ---
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Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 03:02:18 +0000
From: "abraham linkoln" <>
Subject: 4z4; a net art no show

online opening friday nov 8, 2002;

4z4; a net art no show


abe linkoln

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Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 17:49:55 +0100
From: "pressl_eva" <>

Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0
Vienna, 08-11-2002


November 15 to December 15, 2002
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

"What exactly is the Internet? Who controls it and how does it work? In what
ways do new technologies transform society? What is the impact of these
technologies on daily life, work, art and politics? What will the cultural
heritage of the future be?・

Once again World-Information.Org explores the fascinating and complex sphere
of information production, manipulation, control and distribution and
provides the public with clear, high-quality and easily accessible
information on the multifaceted interrelations between technology and
society, politics, culture, art and economy.

>From November 15 through December 15, 2002, World-Information.Org presents
its extensive exhibition and conference program in Amsterdam. Visitors are
invited to discover the world of information: exhibits and visual diagrams
explaining the complex nature of information technologies, interactive
installations, digital artworks, lectures, films and workshops.

Venue for the World-Information Exhibition, which outlines the emergence and
influence of the expansion of worldwide communication and information
networks on various aspects of society and everyday life, is the Oude Kerk .

World-Infostructure imparts the results of the research program that has
been carried out in connection with World-Information.Org since autumn 1999.
On 32 information displays that represent the contents of
World-Information.Org's online knowledge database World-Infostructure
describes patterns of the emergence of public opinion, the endangerment of
the public domain through recent legal and technical trends in copyright and
concentration in media ownership, the power and practices of the 租ata lords
・ the evolvement and control structures of the Internet and many more.

Especially after the unfortunate events of September 11, 2001, governments,
police and intelligence agencies have reinforced and extended their
surveillance and eavesdrop systems. In order to be able to track them the EU
has recently decided to scan all immigrants and asylum seekers
biometrically, the US authorities have approved the use of electronic ID
chips and in Britain an 11-year-old girl is expecting a tracking-chip to be
implanted under her skin. World-C4U presents arts projects such as [RT-32] -
2002/PACT (Marko Peljhan) or Safe Distance ( that examine and
question these developments. Moreover C4U highlights historic and
state-of-the-art security and control technologies and allows hands-on
experiences with biometric devices.

Future Heritage concentrates on the critical analysis of electronic networks
and their possibilities by artists. It displays the works of renowned and
pioneering international artists ・amongst others Molecular Invasion
(Critical Art Ensemble and Beatriz da Costa), Ministry (Jill Magid), BuBL
Space (Arthur Elsenaar & Taco Stolk), The Yes Men, World-Processor (Ingo
Gunther) and Boom! (Oliver Ressler & David Thorne) - that experiment and
operate with information and communication technology. Future Heritage shows
the rich, diverse and vital variety of electronic culture - the cultural
heritage of the future.

The wave of new security legislation that has followed the tragic events of
September 11, 2001, has made a critical examination of information politics
in the network society uncommonly urgent. Therefore accompanying the
World-Information Exhibition, on 6 and 7 December, 2002, De Balie will host
the World-InfoCon conference 'The Network Society of Control'. This
international and interdisciplinary forum will investigate recent
developments in information law, policing and surveillance, and intellectual
property rights in the digital domain. While the first day is dedicated to
the theme 全ecurity Paranoia in the World-Info-Sphere・the second day will
focus on the issue 腺uilding the Digital Commons・ Speakers will include Ben
Bagdikian (media critic and former Dean of the Graduate School of
Journalism, University of California, Berkeley), Arun Mehta (activist and
educator, President of the Society for Telecommunications Empowerment),
Andrew Bichlbaum (WTO/GATT.ORG representative, member of The Yesmen,
disinformation specialist), Volker Grassmuck (Researcher Humbold University
Berlin, initiator of the Wizards of OS conferences) and Joost Smiers (Reader
in political science of the arts, Centre for Research, Utrecht School of the

Rounding off the exhibition and the conference will be the Hybrid Workspace
in the Oude Kerk; a temporary media lab, where a series of selected movies
related to the topics of World-Information.Org will be shown and
discussions, demonstrations from artists, and workshops will take place.

For high school students, World-Information.Org has developed an educational
program to support the course 舛KV・for both VMBO and HAVO/VWO.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

World-Information.Org is an initiative of Public Netbase/t0 and organized in
cooperation with Waag Society / for old and new media, De Balie, Centre for
Culture and Politics and Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/TBA.

World-Information.Org is realized with the financial support of The Daniel
Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology; Netherlands Culture
Fund, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch Ministry for Education,
Culture and Sciences; Mondriaan Foundation; Culture2000; VSB Fund and the
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Oude Kerk, Oudekerksplein 23, 1012 GX Amsterdam


The Institute for New Culture Technologies/t0
is the carrier of World-Information.Org
Temporary Quarters, Burggasse 21
A-1070 Vienna, Austria
phone: ++ 43.1.522 18 34
fax: ++ 43.1.522 50 58


Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 09:05:23 -0500 (EST)
From: David Mandl <>
Subject: New York Anarchist Forum: Nov. 12 >>> SHAC

- ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Robert Erler <>

How Animal Rights Protests Work
The Bricks and Bullhorns of SHAC
The November Anarchist Forum (NYC)

On Tuesday, November 12, at 7:30pm, the Libertarian Book Club's
Anarchist Forum welcomes Kevin Jonas & Andrew Stepanian of SHAC
speaking on "How Animal Rights Protests Work."

SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) is an animal rights group that
for the last three years has effectively fought the inhumane practices
of the animal vivisection industry.  Kevin and Andrew will describe
the Direct Action tactics and strategies they have so successfully
used that The Financial Times has said SHAC is "succeeding against
Capitalism where Karl Marx, the Bader-Meinhof Gang, and the Red
Brigade failed."

After their presentation Kevin and Andrew will answer questions about
how the Direct Action methods they employ can usefully be applied by
other groups working for change. They will also respond to whatever
comments the audience wishes to make.

The event will take place at the Brecht Forum on the 10th floor of 122
West 27th St. [between 6th and 7th Aves.], a short walk from the 28th
St. 1, 2, N, and R stops, the 34th St. B, D, and Q stop, and the 23rd
St. F and V stop.

There is no set fee for the presentation, but a contribution to aid
the LBC is requested.  If you have questions, contact the
LBC/Anarchist Forum, 212-979-8353, 339 Lafayette St., Room 202, NYC,
NY 10012 or e-mail:


Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 00:45:30 +0100
From: Louise Desrenards <>
Subject: Multifield Symposium, MEP, December, Paris

(An anthropological question against the established powers to the
predictive future from the actual multifield critic researches and their
first fecund discovering)

Sciences, Philosophy, Semiotic, Virtual Arts, Cinema
and Contemporary Music
on the THEMA:
Active Concepts in the paradigmatic renewals]

English/ US explanations to:

2002, December 11, 12, 13
Maison Europ馥nne de la Photographie
5-7 rue de Fourcy 75004 Paris/ Fr
English and US interface of the site from this museum:

from the Publisher directress of the review online


Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 14:28:34 -0500
From: "ricardo dominguez" <>
Subject: Thing Drinks with Sebastian Luetgert and Zeljko Blace - On November
15th, 2002

Thing Drinks with Sebastian Luetgert
and Zeljko Blace

by The THINGTank

Drift by for some Thing Drinks
and two presentations.

On November 15th, 2002
from 630pm to 8pm.

601 West 26th Street
4th Floor
New York, New York 10001
Tel: 212-937 0443

Sebastian Luetgert (Berlin) has developed a number projects,
including Rolux (1998-), Internet Implorer (, 2000-),
Project Gnutenberg (, 2000-), (2000-),
and Minordomo (, 2001-). Moderator of Nettime
(1999-2000) and the Rolux Mailing List (1999-). Collaborative
works with Ariane Mueller, Pit Schultz, Daniel Pflumm, Florian Cramer,, and others.

Zeljko Blace is a member of Multimedia Institute in Zagreb
CROATIA, better know through their public interface of
net.culture club "mama" where he works as program manager and
projects curator. He (co)organised international events in Croatia:
# (21-25.09.2000.) and
# ArtServersUnlimited2 (08-15.09.2001.) in Labin,
# NewMediaCultureWeek-CRITICAL UPGRADE (01-07.05.2002.) in Zagreb
On and off works as new media curator, artist, webdesigner and researcher,
publishing texts in Zarez cultural, Croatian Radio and TV and
websites &
Initiator of for new media culture production and presentation
activities in south-east & east Europe.


Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 21:52:17 -0800
From: "Cusp-Info" <>

                         AN INVITATION TO



                           to be held,
       Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st, 2002,
  Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West, Toronto.

Would you like to become active in helping to expand the debate on such
issues as the privatization of our essential public services, the
selling-out of our natural resources, the expansion of corporate rule
or the complete economic and military integration with the United
States, amongst others?

Many of us are concerned about Canada's loss of sovereignty and
international treaties that transfer power from our own parliament to
international bodies like the World Trade Organization.  We are also
worried about our environment, the loss of our fish and forests, the
erosion of our soil and natural habitats, and the fact that our water
supply is in jeopardy and, under NAFTA, cannot be protected.

Fewer and fewer Canadians even bother to vote.  Should we be looking
at other voting systems that better reflect the will of the people?
Also, there is a growing gap between rich and poor in our country and
internationally between rich and poor countries.  Why is this
happening?  Equally alarming, our government is signing treaties that
result in the sale of our most valuable assets and industries at fire
sale prices.  Come out and hear our incredible lineup of speakers
address these major issues.

Join the other 2,000+ Canadians that we plan to have at this
conference for the purposes of defining the new National Agenda -
your agenda.  You are welcome to participate as an attendee and/or
exhibitor.  Visit our web site for more information.


The CUSP'02 Organizing Committee

- - 0 -


- - J. Patrick Boyer, QC; "PHANTOM PARLIAMENT: How the Loss of Democratic
  Accountability Affects our Unity, Sovereignty and Prosperity"

- - Michel Chossudovsky; "War and Globalisation, The Truth Behind
  September 11"

- - Murray Dobbin; "Canadian Culture Wars: Ideas have Consequences"

- - John F. Godfrey, MP; "WHAT'S A COUNTRY FOR? Iraq, Free Trade and
  Canadian Sovereignty"

- - Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, PC; "A Vision for an Independent Canada"

- - Wendy R. Holm; "Water, NAFTA and Canadian Sovereignty - Democracy
  at the Brink"

- - Mel Hurtig, OC; "The Four Things That Must Happen if Canada is to
  Survive as an Independent Country"

- - Donald Lidstone; "Implications of International Trade Agreements
  for Municipal Government: Land Use; Water, Waste and Other Services;
  Procurement; Environmental Measures; and Local Sovereignty"

- - Elizabeth May; "Canada's Role in the World: why we must ratify Kyoto"

- - Linda McQuaig; "Greed, Lust and the New Capitalism"

- - David Orchard;

- - Jim Stanford; "My Day in the Free Market: Why the Private Sector
  Doesn't Have All the Answers"


  We are scheduling time for questions and comments.  There will also
be six panels with a galaxy of panelists where you will have a chance
to participate.

* Agriculture and the Biosphere:
    Chair Hon. Ralph Ferguson, PC,

* Canada/U.S. Economic and Military Integration:
    Chair James George,

* Canada's Institutions and Culture:
    Chair Walter Pitman, OC, O Ont.,

* Electoral/Parliamentary Reform:
    Chair Doris Anderson, CC,

* Health Care:
    Chair Armine Yalnizyan,

* Monetary Sovereignty:What is it? And is it important?:
    Chair Jordan Grant.

To register for this exciting and important event:

 - Go to , or
 - Email or write for more infromation.

   PO Box 36026, 9025 Torbram Rd
   Brampton, ON
   L6S 6A3

                       CUSP Sponsors

  Hon. Lincoln M. Alexander, PC, CC, QC     Doris Anderson, CC
  David Banerjee                            Avie Bennett, OC, O Ont
  J. Patrick Boyer, QC                      Christopher Bradshaw
  Harold Brathwaite                         Murray Dobbin
  Victor Drury                              Shirley Farlinger
  Connie Fogal-Rankin                       James George
  John F. Godfrey, MP                       Hon. Jacques H饕ert, OC
  Hon. Paul T. Hellyer, PC                  Mel Hurtig, OC
  Ian Hutson                                Norman Jewison, CC
  G. Alex Jupp                              Karen Kain, OC
  Roger D. Landry, CC, OQ                   Elizabeth May
  John McMurtry, FRSC                       Linda McQuaig
  John Oostrom                              Walter G. Pitman, OC
  Hon. Joseph H. Potts, QC                  Hon. Alan Redway, PC, QC
  Dr. Reginald F. Stackhouse                Jim Stanford
  Rt. Hon. John N. Turner, PC, CC, QC       Patrick Watson, CC
  Adam H. Zimmerman Jr.

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