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Your kind Attn.,


First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction,
this is byvirtue of it's nature as being utterly confidential and top
secret as you were introducedto us in confidence through the Nigerian
Chamber of Commerce, foreign trade division.and if the contents of this
mail does meet with your approval, I humbly crave yourindulgence. I am
recently retired as the director of finance of the Federal MinistryOf
Power Steel (FMPS).

During my tenure, I was also in charge of the tenders board. The job of
the tendersboard was to access bids made to the FMPS by foreign and
local contractors for execution of contracts recommend to the
government foraward. In the course of our work at the tenders board, we
recieved a bid of (USD46.8M) from Arab Contractors Company of Egypt for
the refurbishing of the six therminal flow stations and the supply
of 27KVA transformers for the south-western part of the country.

The bid was unsually low for the contract in question considering the
other bidswe had gone through. The tenders board then invited them for
an appraisal of their bid. After the appraisal, we the five members of
the tenders board agreed to recommend them for the award of the contract
only if they increase thier bid to USD60M. The balance USD13.2M was to
be paid to us (the members of the tenders board)after the execution of
the contract for us. Not trusting the contractors to live up to their
own part of the bargain, we established the above mentioned company and
had them su-contract the USD13.2M to the company as a sub-contract. The
deed of sub-contract was perfected by a notary public and copies
circulated to the FMPS and the central bank of Nigeria (CBN). Arab
contractors have executed the whole contract and have been paid off, leaving 
balance USD13.2M. Considering the amount of the fund involved we cannot
ask the CBN to pay directly into our local bank account as the ba! nk
regulatory bodies will want to know the directors of the company.

Though I am retired, my other four partners are still in government
employ. I have therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by my partners
to source for a business partner to whom we could transfer
the sum of USD13.2M by drawing up a letter of domiciliation instructing
the concerned government parastatals i.e the FMPS and CBN to pay into
the partner's account the contractual entitlement of USD13.2M. You will
agree with me that a letter of domiciliation is an accepted form of
doing business worldwide.Should this transaction interest you, you are to
contact me on my personal e-mail address, so that I can brief you
fully, and discuss your renumeration for this undertaking.All logistics are
in place and all modalities worked out for the smooth conclusion of the
transaction within ten to fourteen days of commencement.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter using my personal E-mail

Yours Faithfuly,

Mr. Phillip Kure

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