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[Nettime-bold] Easy & Cost Effective Tax Program

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Outsource Your Sales and Use Tax
...and make your life easier
There are more than 7,500 taxing jurisdictions in the United States, each with varying rules and rates. Outsourcing your sales tax returns preparation will increase the effectiveness of your tax department, allowing you to focus on core business activities and reducing tax exposure.
Save Time and Money!
  • Online Returns Retrieval
  • Multi-industry Application
  • No Missed Deadlines and Penalties
  • Functional Web-Based Reports
  • Tax Rate Verification
  • Proprietary Software
  • Proven Technology
  • Line Item Review Capabilities
  • Never Spend Another Minute Searching
    For Exemption Certificates!

    We make processing and managing your exemption certificates a breeze! Our web-based portal allows you to store, receive, update and send any type of exemption certificate without the additional cost of added computer storage, personnel or software. You will be able to search for certificates by any number of criteria and view and print certificates from a secure website.
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