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[Nettime-bold] Thing Drinks with Sebastian Luetgert and Zeljko Blace - On November 15th, 2002

Thing Drinks with Sebastian Luetgert
and Zeljko Blace 

by The THINGTank

Drift by for some Thing Drinks
and two presentations.

On November 15th, 2002
from 630pm to 8pm.

601 West 26th Street 
4th Floor
New York, New York 10001
Tel: 212-937 0443


Sebastian Luetgert (Berlin) has developed a number projects, 
including Rolux (1998-), Internet Implorer (implorer.com, 2000-), 
Project Gnutenberg (gnutenberg.net, 2000-), Textz.com (2000-), 
and Minordomo (minordomo.org, 2001-). Moderator of Nettime 
(1999-2000) and the Rolux Mailing List (1999-). Collaborative 
works with Ariane Mueller, Pit Schultz, Daniel Pflumm, Florian Cramer, 
Ubermorgen.com, and others. 



Zeljko Blace is a member of Multimedia Institute in Zagreb
CROATIA, better know through their public interface of
net.culture club "mama" where he works as program manager and 
projects curator. He (co)organised international events in Croatia:
# media.art.theory.week (21-25.09.2000.) and
# ArtServersUnlimited2 (08-15.09.2001.) in Labin, 
# NewMediaCultureWeek-CRITICAL UPGRADE (01-07.05.2002.) in Zagreb
On and off works as new media curator, artist, webdesigner and researcher,
publishing texts in Zarez cultural, Croatian Radio and TV and 
websites www.mi2.hr/radioactive & www.linux.hr.
Initiator of a.network for new media culture production and presentation
activities in south-east & east Europe.


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