BELLO KAREEM on Sun, 10 Nov 2002 17:47:56 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] PARTNERSHIP

 Dear Sir/Ma, 
I am Alhaji Bello Kareem 
a legal Practitioner and also holding 
the retainer ship of the Formal Nigerian 
Head of State, General Sani Abacha. 
I am making this contact based on a reliable 
Recommendation given to me by Alhaji Gidado 
Umar based on my long time year of retainer 
ship with Abacha Family; I have the  instruction of 
the wife Mrs. Amina Abacha to write this message
to any of my foriegn friend who is trust
worthy and capable of investing this money well . 
Since the assumption of power by the present 
Civilian Government in Nigeria, the 
entire family of the Late General Sani Abacha 
has known no peace at all.The present Federal 
Government has set out plans to liquidate the late 
General.The Government has confiscated all known 
property of the late General in Nigeria; 
they have equally frozen all the 
family Bank Account here in Africa and Abroad. 
The first surviving son of the late General Abacha, 
Mohammed Abacha is presently facing trail 
on a framed charge of conspiracy and murder 
but been release due to some charges against him. 
All this victimization and many more have 
left the surviving siblings of General Abacha 
and his wife in a desperate situation in the 
battle for survival. In view of this experience 
and in order to avoid being put into worst jeopardy, 
Madam Amina Abacha has decided to entrust her 
family money under the care of obscure foreigner 
for safe keeping. Upon your acceptance to assist, 
you will require to go to the country and open an 
account in your name where this money will be 
deposited for onward transfer to any of your 
nominated account anywhere in the world. 
The money Four Three Million United States 
Dollars ($43.M) is right now deposited in 
the Vault of a Security Company as a 
Photographic Material for security reasons. 
Madam has agreed to give you 25% of the 
total sum as your reward after successful 
completion of this transaction. We have 
concluded that at the end of this transaction, 
part of our share will be invested into your 
company?s product and export. You required 
treating this transaction with sincerity, 
urgency and confidentiality. Anxiously waiting 
for your response. 
Alhaji Bello Kareem. 
Law & Equity Chambers. 
Lagos, Nigeria. 

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