Ronda Hauben on Sun, 10 Nov 2002 17:43:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Today's UN resolution and the netizen and citizen response?

Today the UN security council voted for war and against peace

The press release about authorizing this move toward war
is at

The voices they report of governments claiming that this
resolution is bringing peace to the world is difficult
to read.

As I understand it,  arms inspectors previously left Iraq because

1) There was an acknowledgment that they were being used to spy on Iraq.

2) The US and Great Britain were going to begin to bomb Iraq
and the arms inspectors didn't want to be the victims of the bombing.

No where in this resolution is their language acknowledging the
facts of the UN activity to allow the arms inspectors to be
used as spies on Iraq.

Also it is difficult to watch the US government, and other governments
like the governments of England, and France, and China, and even
Norway and Syria as part of the unanimous agreement to this resolution.

There were up to 200,000 people in the US in Washington DC and 
many more around the country, yet the US government continues
to press its efforts to control the oil of Iraq.

And there were 400,000 in London and many in other countries
also protesting these activities.

Clearly the UN is *not* caring about the interests or concerns
of the world when it goes along with such an activity as the 
US government's demands for support for its harrassment
of Iraq and its people.

How the peoples of the US and the rest of the world will find
to stop such dangerous activities as the UN is now setting
in motion, is hard to understand.  But the peoples of the 
world need to find some way to challenge this march toward
war that the US and now other governments of the world
have complied with.

Where is the opposition? Why none in the Security Council?

Why such an intimidation of any honest or progressive
actions in the world?

Wondering but persisting

And in solidarity with the people of Iraq and of other country's
around the world who care for peace and cooperation 
among nations

In support of netizenship and citizenship


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