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[Nettime-bold] A HUMBLE REQUEST

Date:Novermber 09,2002.
To your Good Attention

My name is Mr. Nasiri Salem. I was a director of finance in ministry of Natural
Resources in the Western Saharan Republic.I was equally in-charge of the
national phosphate mines.

My country is not thickly populated, rich in some natural resources but
developing. I have an offer to make to you which will benefit both of us.

Through the award of contracts to some foreign Companies over some years , I 
was able to make US$40 million. Due to the small size of my country, if this
fund is injected into the economy, it will instantly
attract suspicion so I decided to use a foreigner to secure it out of Western

I have properly rendered and closed the accounts for the four years ending June 
of 2002 and so the US$40 Million is safely mine now.

The money is properly secured . Due to our poor banking system here I want you
to assist me to secure the funds for me in Europe.You will have to travel to the
European nation, which I will later tell you immediately I have telephone number
and other co-ordinates and secure the funds for me.
For this assistance, I will give you 20% of the money. The rest will be mine and
you will also help me in investing it in real estates and other profitable
businesses.This transaction is planned to be concluded quickly. I will give you
the necessary documentations to claim ownership of the money on my behalf. 
The documentations will officially legalize the transaction in your name so that
it will be completely safe for both of us.
I am also aware of the attention large movement of funds attract now due to 
increase in global terrorism in recent times, so I will provide you with
Clearance Certificate.

Once again, I assure you it is going to be a risk free transaction. Once I get
your response, I will give you further information/details of how we are going 
to quickly and safely conclude the transaction and
start investments.

I await your response through my above e-mail address.

Kindest regards,

Mr. Nasiri Salem


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