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[Nettime-bold] CO2 laser update

Title: LaserPhotonics letter
Tel: +1 407 829 2613
Fax:+ 1 407 829 2614

Please update your information on Laser Photonics products.
Laser Photonic's new 250 watt co2 laser comes in two configurations: fantom f250 and f250GL.
The F250GL is formulated for scribing brittle materials (mainly glass) .
The Fantom Laser series is a low cost, high quality solution for OEMs.
The main advantages of the new lasers include:
  • Intracavity Mode-selective Hybrid Resonator
  • Titanium laser head (thin walls, large gas volume, thermal stability, small size and light weight)
  • Reduced Optical Pulse Rise Time Delay
  • Special internal coating and large gas volume for long-term stability and extended life
  • Integrated RF-matching system
  • Increased efficiency
  • Glass Scribing capability
Contrary to Slab Laser Technology, Laser Photonics' single mode high beam quality and wide range of pulsed operational modes provide a cost effective cutting, scribing, drilling and welding laser source for wood, plastic, glass, textile composites and sheet metal.
See more information on Laser Photonics WEB site:
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