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[Nettime-bold] NEWS: Special issue of Marathi mag on people's movements

Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 4:52 PM
Subject: Special Issue

Special Diwali issue of

Marathi Newsmagazine of people's movements, alternative development.

October-November 2002

An in depth analysis of the Culture of Humanity in its various dimensions 
By senior academicians, activists, artists and representatives of young 

o Medha Patkar sets the theme of the culture and the efforts for an 
alternative development 

o Kishan Patnaik writes on the basics of the Culture, its development,
globalisation and its commercial degeneration.

o Ram Bapat explores the idea of  flow of Indian culture and our 
responsibility.He goes the basic ingredient of culture in a dialectical 
way and reflects on the culture, popular culture in the age
of globalisation.

o Renowned archaeologist, Dr. M.K. Dhavalikar gives new insights about
Environment and Culture from a historical and archaeological perspective.

o Vasant Palshikar explains the idea of 'Swadeshi Samaj' by Rabindranath

o Prof. Yashwant Sumant gives a new perspective on the concept of equality
in Mahatma Gandhi's thought.

o Prof. B.L. Bhole delineates the ill-effects of and questions the 
cynicism on the part of secular people regarding culture and religion.

o Senior journalist V.D. Ranade points out some of the parameters of New
humanitarian culture.


o Adivasi activist-teacher Kevalsingh Vasave explains the tribal  culture
embedded in the Nature.

o Shelly Anderson from USA, writes  about the Women and peace.

o Prof Shivaji Gaikwad graphically describes the degeneration in
the rural social-economy and culture.

o Senior journalist Sujata Deshmukh cautions about growing  
commercialization and vulgarization of media, and its bias, arrogance. She
questions the agenda of the 'agenda setter'
English-capitalist-metropolitan  media.

o Razia Patel on how to combat the growing culture of communal 

o Sanjay Mangala Gopal on culture of the activists.

o Renowned classical singer Neela Bhagwat on presenting the  progressive
values through her art.

o Senior stage artist Atul Pethe describes the work and life of Dr. Mohan
Deshpande, as a mark of a wonderful cultured person working for health 

o Poetry by Mahavir Jondhale, Anil Sonar, Sahshikant Shinde, Sandip Kale.

o Report of discussion specially held on Culture. And  perceptive
articles Renu Gavaskar, Sadhana Dadhich, Indumati Jondhale, Sanjay
Sangvai,Uma Kulkarni, alongwith young activists Tanuja Yelale, Ojas.

Pages 146. Price Rs. 40. Do read, spread the word and order the copies. It
will help a great to  sustain the effort. We will have to evolve
alternative circulation movement for the alternative magazines like

Suniti S.R.
Executive Editor

Vinay R.R, Deepak Nagnath
Circulation activists.

Contact for copies:

Suniti S.R.
6, Shree Raghuraj Society,
118-A, Vitthalwadi Road, Pune- 411030

Phone 020-4251404


Most of the important discourses through 'national'  newspapers,
magazines,serious or semi-serious journals are either carried out in
Metropolitan-mostly English speaking circles, or the 'local', 'vernacular'
discourses are margnalized. This results in a paradox, projecting -
unwarrantedly and without any basis-  the opinion of only the elite as the
opinion of 'Indian' people. We in 'Andolan' and National Alliance of
People's Movements are trying to reclaim the territory of the 'national
discourse', where the discourses of the people and organic 
intellectuals/experts and journalists related with the ground situation
and the people become the opinion of India.

Andolan has been focusing on the reporting, analysis and debate on such
important issues of alternative development and politics in national and
international arena every month. From political-social philosophy,
ideology, movements, development politics, economy, arts, books and other
vignettes of life- Andolan is interested in all these aspects. Along with
articles, we specialize in reporting and news analysis of the important
happenings, issues of people's movements all over India. We appeal the
comrades to send such important reporting and analysis to us. Photographs
and graphics with the write-up will be all the more welcome.

We wish that you and other people should contribute in such an
endeavour -through your reporting, writing short articles, analysis,
reviews, interviews and photos, graphics, cartoons etc. It will be nice if
you can send the write-ups in Marathi; in case it is not possible, you may
send it in English or Hindi also. The editorial board will convey you
after selection and inclusion of the matter.

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