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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> From Tactical Media to Digital Multitudes

respect and encourage

there are couple de points from Keith Hart that touched someone. Please
correct him if he falls.

argumuents would be more reasonable, if they are transparent. an argument
which never escapes but still vanishes into vastness of the borderlands.
don´t see arguments, just actings and reshining of people and their work
within socialicing campaigns. are they in heart or is it just not possible
to interact with human beings?

this is also a mess:
that´s more a question than an answer but it seems to be enlightning.
answer is maybe yes: it is possible to move people by their open minded
passions. the more their arguments are reasonable the more there is one
away, meanwhile anyway and everywhere.

not before last one will we be armed.
[we will score when last one arrived]

the question is not if theories of Karl Mark, Mahatma Schanandhi, Billwett
Satyagraha and gopapers are still worth to read [and they are sometimes
maybe I think]. another point of view is how individuals move within
arguments and political and social structures. how do they try to come
along with each other´s virtual life? is there a metastatic system which
has to be defensed?

yes, there could be political activism in a cultural three-lingual-d
opinion. the question maybe starts from how artists react when excluded
from a wider culture, as if their comuniquées would not also be seen as a
political acting. for instance: are bands and musicans playing poems
within campains just help to mobilicée? Or is it this, what their
political acting means and do pure-beings, who´s ideas are shared, see the
painter´s point of views?

based on this pont de Sound there´s no differnce between intellectual,
political, socializing and cultural works. just listen someone´s opinion,
here and meanwhile there.

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