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[Nettime-bold] Shanghai International Plastics Industry Exhibition (7Ż)




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2003 Shanghai International Plastics Industry Exhibition

Date26-29 March, 2003
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No.2345 LongYang Road)

A.	Machine and equipment on plastic 
B.	ejection manufacturing technique and equipment, extruder, plastic foaming plate, tubes and pipes, deformed materials, sheet forming, blown film, multi-layer common extrusion film, shrinkable film, self-mucous membrane, tensile film, kinking film, label film, tearing film, theological film, package band, flat silk, wire and cable, pelleting machine and so on.
C.	Injection molding manufacturing technique and equipment, general injection machine, multi-component injection machine, multi-location injection machine, thermosetting plastic injection molding machine.
D.	Hollow mold manufacturing technique and equipment, extrusion blowing molding machine, injection-blowing molding machine, injection-stretching-blowing molding machine, etc.
E.	plastic rolling molding manufacturing technique and equipment: blending machine, refining machine, banbury mixer, calender, etc.
F. plastic generating auxiliary manufacturing technique and equipment: drying machine, feed machine, traction engine, draw frame, wind-up machine, dividing and cutting machine, water chilling unit, die temperature controlling machine, plastic welding machine, plastic fusing machine, rubber glued laminated machine, sealing machine, cutting-off machine, vacuum suction plastic molding machine, plant brushing machine, braiding machine, bag molding machine, recombination machine, printing machine, screen printing machine , bag molding machine, breaking machine, color mixing machine, vibration shaker, removal printing machine, gilding press, thermal transition machine shrink wrapping machine, high-frequency heat sealing machine, buffing machine, cleaning machine, surface treating machine, post treatment equipment.
G.  Quality detection apparatus and attachment on plastic and rubber treatment Laboratory testing rig, small specimen attachment, production process auto-control apparatus and device, electronic  automatic instrument and monitoring device, control component, temperature controller, etc.

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