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[Nettime-bold] Sound Travels

November 16th 3 AM GMT - 7 PM GMT

Sound Travels: Global Internet Exchange
on line - on air - on site

Concept: Paul Plimley & Mei Han, Vancouver

Mia Zabelka, Vienna
Ellery Eskelin, New York,
QUAN NINH, Toulouse,
Jason Robinson, San Diego,
Anthony Pateras, Westspace, Melbourne,
Akikazu Nakamura, Tokyo.

on line:

on site:

Western Front - 303 East 8th Avenue (Tue-Fri. 12 - 5 pm)
H.R. MacMillan Planetarium - 1100 Chestnut

November 16th - 19:30 CET / 18:30 GMT
Zeiss Planetarium Vienna

on air:
ORF Kunstradio, November 17th 23.05 CET / 22:05 GMT

Into the heavens - Across time zones  Up to speed

Vancouver pianist Paul Plimley and zheng virtuoso Mei Han join improvising
musicians in Melbourne, Tokyo, Vienna, New York, Toulouse and San Diego
via the internet to explore how music can break the sound barrier. Set
against the planetariums backdrop of stars, the players will connect
through live audio streams that mix sound and metaphor.

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