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Dear ,

My Names are Odima Okeke, I am 39 years old and a
economist.Happily married with lovely children.Special
adviser on 
to the former Military Head of State and also chairman
Contract Review
Panel (C.R.P) appointed by the Federal Military
Government of Nigeria
that just handed over mantle of leadership to the
newly elected 
Government.We evaluated and vetted approvals for
payment of contracts
awarded and executed for the Petroleum Trust Fund
(P.T.F). You were 
to me by a trusted contact in the External Affairs
Ministry of Foreign
Trade Mission to act fast by helping me and my
colleagues as a foreign
account holder transfer the sum of US$25.5M (Twenty
Five Million,Five
Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) into your
personal or company
account. You must treat this letter with utmost
confidentiality and 
We cannot afford to toy with this rare opportunity in
a life time. It
may interest you to know that this is no Scam or fairy
tale.To intimate
you on the source of this fund,we over invoiced the
contract sum of 
to 525.5M USD with the intention of using the $25.5M
for our personal
use and investment should we decide to retire from
service. The 
of ABB Lummus J.G.C of Japan, Julius Berger and
Fouguerolle were 
the said contract in Engineering and procurement work
in Rivers and 
State of Nigeria on the 10th of January,1998which was
approved and paid
in full by the Federal Military Government.The
contractors (Foreign)
had since been paid and the excess US$25.5M is in an
escrow account of
the Nigerian Deposite Bank (N.D.B). Because we are
still serving and
cannot own a foreign account for now as in accordance
with the law of
my country that's why we decided to contact you,and 
more so, the 
was done by foreign contractors and payments were made
in United State
Dollars,the more reason we urgently need your
assistance to receive 
money for us. Dear brother, all modalities for the
successful transfer
of this fund all legal and administrative requirements
in Nigeria as
well as that of International Arbitration have been
worked out.We hope
to conclude this transaction within ten (10) banking
days once you open
communication with me to furnish me your willingness
and by fax receive
the following information needed for easy transfer of
the fund: (1)Your
company or full names (2)Company Address (3)Phone/Fax
Numbers (4)Bank
Name,Address,Account Name,Number and any other
information. I shall 
you into complete picture of this transaction and
instruction you ought
to adhere to for the successful transfer. We have
agreed that the funds
will be shared thu s after it has been transfered into
your account: (1)
30% of the money will go to you for acting as the
beneficiary of the
fund. (2) 60% to us the Government officials (with
which we wish to 
an importation business in conjunction with you). (3)
10% has been set
aside as an abstract projection for reimbusement to
both parties for
incidental expenses that may be incured in the course
of this 
Be rest assured that this deal is absolutely 100% risk
free on both 
I await your urgent responce. 

Yours faithfully, 
Odima  Okeke

NB. Bank Account details not necessary, if prefered
mode of payment is
by draft or cheque. 

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