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[Nettime-bold] Get Your IE Toolbar!

Make your customers and visitors always have the link to your site on
their Explorer toolbar. 

Custom Toolbars increase your ability to market your site anywhere within
millions of Internet browsers and takes only seconds to install. 

Custom IE Toolbar with unlimited menu items - 200$US! 
Advanced IE Toolbar with Update Module - 400$US!  
Unlimited IE Toolbar features with the plain rate of 20$US p/h for

You may distribute your Toolbar to your Web site visitors, employees, etc.
This provides quick access to your Web site and other useful links you
find appropriate for those who would download your Toolbar.

If you're a business owner, use your company custom IE Toolbar to make
your team share common Web resources.

If you're working on several computers (home, office, etc.) you can have
an IE Toolbar that will store all your "favorites" on the server. That
means, that you will never ever have to update your favorite links again
and again on all your computers - you can do it just once!


- One-click access to your website and pages through an always-present
browser toolbar 
- Personal Buttons, Dynamic Buttons and Menus Items to IE Toolbar 
- Customizable search features/ Integrated Search Engines 
- Live News Feeds  
- Custom Icons and Superb Branding  
- Instant Messaging Broadcasting to Users 
- Instantly deploy new web products remotely on customer's desktops and
make them immediately usable.  
- Targeted and Non-Targeted Marketing  
- and much much more... 

Order online at 
Please feel free to contact me 

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