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[Nettime-bold] Reach 24+ Million Active Internet Buyers


My name is Candice Rourke, the Director of ABRIS--Advertising Marketing and Sales Professionals. I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to our company and its unique web-partner, where there are bikini supermodels, photographers, casting directors, agencies, talent contests, fitness competitions, natural bodybuilders, sports entertainment, and thousands of Hot Unique Products!  

Reach 24+ Million Active Internet Buyers

We have uniquely positioned Bikini Hangout's interactive network to reach more than 24 million active Internet buyers and pride ourselves in the ability to consistently deliver high quality traffic, yielding superior response rates. Your website, product or service will be exposed to our huge network of Internet buyers crafted to meet any size budget.  

Bikini Hangout gives visitors what they want in the latest swimwear styles, beauty tips, fresh weight-loss ideas, and exercises for the mind body and soul. Get healthy recipes and a chance to talk live with bodybuilders, supermodels, fitness experts and national competitors from around the world. Take a tour of our free model galleries, classic car and biker slide shows, live cams, Hollywood exclusives, hot travel destinations, daily news and services ranging from dating to gaming. 

We offer many different advertising campaigns that can handle your entire Internet marketing needs, serving thousands of clients and creating millions of dollars in sales for our customers.

Receive a FREE initial consultation to review all available options tailored to your specific needs. We promise to deliver what we advertise and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Visit our online media kit:


Candice Rourke
Advertising & Marketing Director

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