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[Nettime-bold] MS Office Tips 11-05-2002 [ Save or Save As? + Save It ALL! ]

Title: MS Office Tips & Tricks

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Gettin' Religious

We have a *super* deal on Compton's Interactive Bible this week.

WAIT - before you stop reading, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that a CD ROM bible is probably a big rip-off and isn't something you want anyway. After all, you probably already have the book, so why bother with the CD?

Well, that's what I thought when I first considered offering this one, but after looking at the program, I have changed my mind - big time.

This ain't your grandma's Bible!

This thing is awesome. You can, of course, read and run searches (great search capability, by the way), but there's lots more to it. Here's a few samples:

- Built in dictionary - If you run across a word you aren't familiar with, just double-click it for a definition.

- Expert commentary - both audio & text.

- Historical Atlas - see the word mapped the way it was in biblical times.

- Religious paintings, videos, and photos.

- Personal Study Journal - for your own notes.

And these are only some of its many features. Again, I was very surprised at both the quality of the software and the ease of use. And I was VERY impressed with all the extra commentary, audio, and video.

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MS Office 101

Save vs. Save As… Is There A Difference?

Ever find yourself thinking that exact question when you were trying to save your work? Is there a difference?

Yes - there is - but I think you knew that. I mean, why else would they both be listed in the File menu?

Well, to put it simply, Save will save the current file under the same name in the same location. (Meaning it saves the new changes over the original file you opened.) If a file is newly created then Save will open a window allowing you to name the file and choose a save location. Otherwise, it's a simple save of the current information over the old, in the same place with the same name.

On the other hand, Save As will always bring up the Save As window allowing you to change the file name and its save location. Assuming you make a change to name or location, the original file will still be intact in its original location after the Save As.

So… now that you know the difference let's go on to the Tip of the Day and throw another Save into the mix…

Office Tip of the Day

The "Save All"

Have you ever had several MS Word documents open at once and want to quickly save them all?

Maybe you're going to close the program and would like to avoid the continual pop-up boxes asking you to save each document.

Or, maybe, you're going to walk away from your computer for a few minutes and would like to quickly save everything "just in case" - you know how those situations arise when you wish you would have saved before the machine "freaked out" or the power failed.

At any rate, wouldn't it be nice to be able to save all the documents at once instead of one at a time?

Well, here's the good news, you can and it only takes one extra keystroke!

When you save your files you usually have to either use Ctrl+S, the Save button, or File menu, Save choice.

Any of those options are great - but remember - you have to continue repeating the process for each and every document.

Next time try this.

Hold down the Shift key then go to the File menu.

Take a good look - see it?

Where the Save choice used to be there should now be Save All.

Choose Save All and Word will go through all open documents and save each one - without closing the documents. (For new documents, it will bring up the Save As window to allow you to name your document just like individual Save As commands would have done.)

That's it - you're all set - multiple saves with one click.

Now if only we had something like this for around the house. You know, vacuum one room - poof - they're all vacuumed. Make one bed - poof - they're all made. You get the idea…


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