Gabriel Pickard on Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:28:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] A Possible World is Virtual (was: <nettime> From Tactical Media toDigital Multitudes)

A possible world is virtual.

... There's something lovely about it _ that i just can't quite place my 
finger on. ..
speak thus - and rub your finger a'll' over.
that is,, compelexity.
and it won't help (much) to recognize and declare it as such (don't even 
_try to understand).

though the question may be: this? world?
ok, it should be clear that a _this_world_ (in _this_ (absolute 
(non-multiple)) sense) does not exist.
So we already have one reason why? a possible world is so utterly virtual.

this is of course a question of reality and reality multiplicity and 
production, which presents itself asa painful and fascinating issue to a 
media-activist. what is often overlooked, though, is that reality != media.
The term "world' even more so. I certainly do not want to criticize those 
who analyse and fight the evil corporate media in its malicious influence 
on mass realization ,but as important as this is, reality is about more 
than just media. media in the narrow space of communication connects 
information and material, virtuality and actuality. reality is nothing else 
but a borderline, discerning in&out, real&irreal. maybe we should get past 
the point of pushing around this borderline, it's all existence -anyway.
  much rather, i'd propose we reflect upon the everyday, unspoken 
implications of our "doing media| because if we realize that information is 
independent parallel existence, this abstractive "interface' becomes quite 
interesting. "doing media' and 'doing information" are two different 
things. now ishould say that we can hardly get around doing information, 
but media is still a much more alterable mass than we might think.
eventhough it may seem old, i'd like to suggest that we rethink- remake- 
redo. if our media is discontenting, question its foundations - build a new 
new media -!realy /if our movement seems frustrating, poses: wastun?, why 
not move something else, somewhere else _and_under_another_name_. that will 
-andis- being done anyway.

what only may be tried, is both an immediate and metamediate radicalization 
in addition to mediate radicalism.

concerning bubble&burst:
now to me, as potential early representant of the generation following the 
gen. of 89, the whole dotcom thing had a lot to do with adolescence. with 
growing pains, puberty and confusion. growing up with people envying you 
for all the new, new developments you'll witness - and pitying you for not 
being able to cash in and grow in power at the beginning of the "long 
boom". nowadays, people don't philosophize over the future too much, they 
just tell you to work hard and get a good job. ;-} Maybe this can help with 
the analysis, seeing it all as the growing up of the 21st century. and 
don't let them fool you, even though it's already feeling like 
midlife-crisis, that's all just some youthful morosity.
There's more developments around the corner
  the dream of the open technological future is not over yet

Gabriel Pickard

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