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You are cordially invited to preview the following tracks from Robin Dean's debut release.  All are in full length, streaming MP3 format.  Select LOW bandwidth if you have a dialup connection and HIGH bandwidth for cable/dsl.

1) Evil Emit's Grapple Hook (jazz-rock)

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2) Breastamanipples (funk/soul)

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3) Napalm Molasses (jazz rock)

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The debut release is available online for $12 through CD Baby, independently.  If you're interested in purchasing a copy, please visit the following URL:

To learn more about Robin Dean and his artistic efforts, read on (or just visit his website).

Hailing from small-town Ohio, drummer Robin Dean brings a rare light to Chicago's jazz and fusion scene. With his original composition, Dean presents a familiar improvisational platform with a unique vigor. transforming ideas into music, he demonstrates a bold creative style without dwelling on his own or others' previous work. Fine-tuned orchestrations, unbound improvisation and an adventurous approach to musical communication are all part of Dean's distinctive feel.

A jazz and studio performance graduate of the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, Dean's repertoire hints of influences from a variety of composers and genres. Intrepid percussion, funky bass lines, keyboard psychedelics and consistent guitar technique nod to the popular works of Miles Davis, Weather Report and John McLaughlin. Rockers Frank Zappa, King Crimson and Primus are entitled to Dean's avante respects. Dean delivers a knockout punch of harmonic reason.

Dean's band draws from a rotating pool of talented players. On their debut recording, Guitarist Moto Makino (Sugar Blue) delivers an extraordinarily virtuous sound. Eric Levy (Fareed Haque, Garaj Mahal) opens limitless harmonic doorways on keyboards. Chris Clemente's (Kick the Cat, Amazing Headgear) bass shows no mercy, careening listeners toward the dance floor. Novelty and proficiency produce Dean's percussive power on drums. Their talents meld to produce an elaborate and pristine tonal palette.

Dean's efforts have produced collaborative support among musicians with well-established and fruitful careers. Dean has opened for major artists including Victor Wooten, Charlie Hunter, Stanley Jordan, The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Billy Cobham and Jazz-is-Dead, Big Ass truck and Colonel Bruce Hampton. The band has performed at Cincinnati's Kilgore's, Ripley's Alive, The Barrel House, Columbus' Philman's, Chicago's The Elbo Room, Quenchers Saloon and The Drink.

A lively artistic presence, organized commercial appeal and active networking represent the methods by which Robin Dean is making a name for himself. A member of Chicago's Night Wing Productions promotional collaborative, Dean's bookings spark a network of communication with affiliated bands and music seekers. At the forefront of Chicago's independent music scene, Dean's connections will catalyze the staple of independent success.

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