Alan Sondheim on Tue, 5 Nov 2002 05:21:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] new work and README.txt

new work at

over-18 please

0.README.txt at end:

more work forthcoming
0.README.txt 3.jpg 37.jpg 41.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg MI3.AVI MI4.AVI face7.jpg face8.gif flesh.swf insert.jpg leg.jpg look2.jpg mi5.avi mirror3.jpg more1.jpg more2.jpg
more3.jpg more4.jpg more5.jpg more6.jpg mov.txt movie.txt nipple.jpg
nude.jpg nude2.jpg other00.JPG other01.JPG other02.JPG other03.JPG
other04.JPG other05.JPG other06.JPG other07.JPG other08.JPG other09.JPG
other10.JPG other11.JPG seam1.jpg seam2.jpg seam3.jpg seam4.jpg
seam5.jpg skein01.jpg skein02.jpg skein03.jpg skein04.jpg skein05.jpg
skein06.jpg skein07.jpg skein08.jpg skein09.jpg skein10.jpg theory1.jpg theory2.jpg theory3.jpg theory4.jpg
theory5.jpg theory6.jpg theory7.jpg theory8.jpg torso.jpg torso0.jpg
torso1.jpg torso2.jpg tub2.jpg tub5.jpg tub6.jpg tub7.jpg tub8.jpg


These files are remnants, residue, of larger works such as Trilby, 35
minutes in length. The still images are used in video; the .mov files
are chained together, modified; sound is added.

We collude between death and sex, to the limits of distortion - space-time
burns around configurations of terror and the body.

The skin is always a skein of communication. Words are performative only
to the extent they can persuade physical reality beyond the sememe -
propaganda or persuasion of language.

Sexuality, body, language, create a matrix of interpenetrations, an
almost impossible separation of interior and exterior. Space inflates,
the temporal dimension shudders, reverses, cycles, escapes.

The background of the work is in -
the Internet Text, which continues to be build.

New files will be added here from time to time and cdroms are available.

Alan Sondheim and Azure Carter,


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