Delisa Foreman on Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:55:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Website Safety Tests


I have used the website testing technologies here at the Safe Shopping Network ( to test your site ( for security, usability and performance. You will be pleased to know that it did quite well. The reason I did the test is because we are currently searching for sites with high scores to add to our very popular (over two million shoppers per month) directory of tested safest shopping websites. I am not sure if I have the right email address but maybe you could lead me to the right person.

Safe Shopping Network uses sophisticated testing technologies to test web sites for quality, security and usability. We also have the ability to deliver thousands of targeted, and more importantly, confident consumers proven to be eight times more likely to buy. Listing your site in the Safe Shopping Network is very effective due to the fact that the two million + users who visit each month are shoppers who prefer not to guess at whether they can trust a website. As we reveal your scores to them, they gain confidence in your company increasing the chance that they will make a purchase. The average click-to-purchase rate is 5.4% for our advertisers, far above the average .07% you get from other sources.

We provide many high-value pricing packages ( starting at just  $350/yr and that includes a 15,000 click guarantee. The different pricing packages include sub-category listings, category listings, full vulnerability/security reports (with solutions), 24/7 website monitoring, and click guarantee for each listing. Our packages are simply the most unique and effective ways to promote your website available. Since it looks like your site fits well into multiple categories, I would be happy to list in the section of your choice free when you purchase two or more listings.

To discuss my proposal further, please feel free to give me a call on my direct line: (818) 344-1622 or call our toll free number (866) 29-TRUST (9-5 Pacific Standard Time) or sign up online at

Thank You,

Delisa Foreman - Senior Account Manager
Safe Shopping Network
Guide to the safest web sites!
Web: Http://
Toll Free: (866) 29-TRUST
Direct Line: (818) 344-1622

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