paul on Mon, 4 Nov 2002 00:26:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Buisness & Asistance

>From the Desk of:  Dr. Paul Idika Dear Sir. 
This letter may come to you as a surprise since it is
coming from someone you have not met before. However,
we decided to contact you based on a satisfactory
information we had about you.I am a Medical Doctor
currently working with the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF).
I and some of my close and trusted colleagues need
your assistance in the transfer of US$21.8 million
into any reliable Account you may nominate
overseas.This fund was generated from over-invoicing
of contracts executed by the PTF under our control and
supervision. This fund is now ready to be remitted
into any Account we put forward for that purpose. What
we want from you is a good and reliable company or
personal Account into which we shall transfer this
fund. Details should include the following:1. Name of
Company, Address  & Your Private Telephone  & Fax
Number. 2. Name of Bank & Address of Bank .3. Account
Number 4. Beneficiary Name Upon receipt of your
company  & bank particulars, an application shall be
made in your name to the Central Bank of Nigeria for
the approval of the remittance of the funds which
shall be by SWIFT (Telegraphic transfer) copies of the
approval and other relevant documents shall be faxed
to you for your perusal.please treat as strictly
confidential for obvious reasons. The fund will be
shared as follows:1. 30% for your assistance 2. 60%
for myself & my Colleagues 3. 10% for contingency
expenses We wish to assure you that your involvement
should you decide to assist us, will be well
protected, and also, this business, proposal is 100%
risk free as the remittance will be made through the
legal procedures.Note: your discussions regarding this
transaction should be limited because we are still in
government service. We intend to retire peacefully at
the end of this transaction. Let honesty and trust be
our watchword throughout this transaction and your
prompt reply will be highly appreciated.Thank you for
your anticipated cooperation while we look forward to
a mutually benefiting business relationship with you.
please endeavour to contact me by this email address

Best regards

Dr.Paul Idika

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