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[Nettime-bold] Best way to get a job

Job Tip of the Week                    October 25, 2002

      Best way to get a job?  Play the numbers....


The job market changed & job seekers need to work 
smarter. But it's hard to get your resume READ by the 
right people. To succeed in the current job market, you
need widespread distribution of your resume to 
INTERESTED employers.

One easy way to be found by employers and recruiters who
are looking for your skills, is to post yourself on 
several career sites. It's estimated that between 1.5 
and 2 million hiring managers search the top 50 career
sites daily for people with specific skills.

If you want to instantly post your resume on over 90
career sites, we recommend http://start.resumerabbit.com

It's called Resume Rabbit and people just love it. With
this service, you fill out one easy form and in about 15
minutes you'll be posted on Monster, Career Builder, Hot
Jobs, Flip Dog, Dice and more. They post to over 90 
top career sites. When you're finished, you'll be seen 
by over 1.5 million employers and recruiters daily! 

It's really easy and you'll save at least 60 hours of
research and data entry.  We don't know of any other
service like it.

Sure you only need one job. But to get it, you'll need 
to be in all the right places at all the right times. 
Whether you use a distribution service or do it by hand,
increase your odds by posting yourself to as many career
sites as possible!

Try Resume Rabbit at http://start.resumerabbit.com

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth Bradley


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