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[Nettime-bold] Marcos' letter in support of the EZLN Exhibition in Monterrey, Mexico

[Between Oct, 28 to 31st the Museum of Doctor of Margil, in the City of
Monterrey, Mexico exhibited objects
 loaned by the EZLN to the Museum. The objects included subcomandante
Marcos' laptop. This is also the
 first letter to be sent out from from Chiapas by subcomandate Marcos since
the zapatista march in Mexico City, D.F.
 in 2001 - rdom].

Originally published in Spanish by La Jornada
Translated by irlandesa

La Jornada
Wednesday, October 30, 2002.


July of 2002.

To:  Fernando Yanez Munoz, Architect.

From:   Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

Don Fernando:

Greetings from all the zapatista companeros and companeras and from the
indigenous communities in resistance.  We hope that you, and all of those
working alongside you, are in good health and of good cheer.

You, as we know, are working alongside other honest men and women in tending
to the memory of our people's struggle.  An important part of this memory is
being kept in the Museum of Doctor Margil, in the City of Monterrey, Nuevo
Leo'n, Mexico.  There are testaments in this museum to a fundamental part of
our history as zapatistas, a history of which we are proud and which we are
trying, as much as we are able, to honor.

You, and those whom you work with, are zapatistas.  And that Museum is
zapatista.  That is why we have wanted to send you a small gift with
zapatista earth.  It is a modest homage to all of those men and women who
died for liberty after living for the Patria.  We hope that there is a place
in the Museum for this modest homage from the EZLN to the Mexican men and
women who gave birth to that hope which will be celebrating 33 years on this
August 6, 2002.

It will be a great honor for us to have this zapatista earth shine in the
Mexican north on August 6, 2002, and for the lines to be listened to,
timidly, of this rudimentary attempt at a poem, entitled "Account of the
Events" - which I wrote 18 years ago, at the dawn of the EZLN - and which,
as is known, already has a place in the Museum of Doctor Margil.

Hoping to see you soon and to once again have the honor of greeting you
personally, I bid farewell in the name of all my companeros and companeras.

Vale.  Salud and may hope gain new spirit when the 3 faces the mirror and
memory is given the gift of one of the most honorable moments in the history
of Mexico.

>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

Mexico,  July of 2002.

POEM (?)

"Account of the Events"

"Today, the sixth day of the month
of August of the year
nineteen hundred and seventy-nine,
as history forewarned,
the coffee bitter,
the tobacco running out,
the afternoon declining
and everything in place for conspiring
against the shadows and darkness
which obscure the world and its sun,
the below signed appear
in front of me, the patria, in order to
declare the following.

First. - That the below signed
renounce their homes, work,
family and studies and all the
comforts which have been
accumulated in the hands of the few
upon the misery of the many.

Second. -  That the below signed
renounce a future,
paid on time, of
individual enjoyment.

Third. -  That the below signed
also renounce the shield
of indifference in the face of the suffering
of others and the vainglory of a
place among the powerful.

Fourth. -  That the below signed
are prepared for all the sacrifices
necessary in order to fight silently
and without rest in order to make me,
the patria, free and true.

Fifth. -  That the below signed
are prepared to suffer persecution,
calumny and torture, and even
to die if it is necessary, in order to achieve
what was noted in the Fourth point.

Sixth. -  That I, the patria, will know
to keep your place in history
and to watch over your memory
as they watch over my life.

Seventh. -  That the below signed
will leave enough space under their
names so that all honest men
and women may sign this
document, and, when the moment comes,
the entire people shall sign it.

There being nothing left to be said,
and very much to do, the
below signed leave their
blood as example and
their steps as guide.

Valiantly and Respectfully,


Manuel, Salvador, Alfredo, Manolo, Mari'a Luisa,
Soledad, Murcia, Aurora, Gabriel, Ruth, Mario,
Ismael, He'ctor, Toma's Alfonso, Ricardo...

And the signatures will follow
of those who will have to die and
of those who will have to live
fighting, in this
country of sorrowful history
called Mexico, embraced
by the sea and, soon,
with the wind in its favor.


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