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[Nettime-bold] $$$ NetWork Marketing Success Solo Ad $$$

Title: SOLO AD $$$ NetWork Marketing Success $$$

$$$ NetWork Marketing Success $$$


Dear Network Marketer,

Brent Birch here.

My apologies to writing at the 'last minute' like this, but I thought you'd want to know about a Rare, FREE teleseminar I'll be on in less than 72 hours.

It all goes on -

This Monday thru Thursday 9:00 PM Eastern Time USA

And if you're one of the first people who respond I can get you on the line for free (you only pay for the call).

If you'd like get in on this free call, then you can receive complete registration details by sending a blank email to

Details will be sent to you automatically via email.

You see, I've managed to convince my mentor, and Self Made Marketing Millionaire, Dale Calvert, to join me on a *free* teleseminar this week.

I work for Dale Calvert. He is the owner of a dozen different web businesses, a network marketing company, two of the most successful affiliate programs on the Internet and one of the Top Rated Training sites online.

Just in case you are not familiar with Dale, he is not like most of the so-called Gurus. Dale doesn't just talk a good game. He walks the walk. He has made millions of dollars marketing products and services and he has helped 1,000's of marketers develop six figure incomes & some of the people he has trained have even become millionaires!

I had to get him to reveal his secrets to our friends, business associates & subscribers... Dale has decided to help you copy his "Unique, One-of-A-Kind Funded Proposal Lead System".

By spending 1 hour with you explaining every detail of how it works. This program has just been launched and already marketers from dozens of different companies are calling this system the "Next Wave in Lead Generation"

I've convinced Dale to get on the phone with me to help train up-and-coming marketers... revealing every little detail that makes Web Cash Leads totally unique from ProStep, Profit Leads, Cutting Edge Media, Bamboo, Lead Master or any of the other credible lead program available to professional marketers.

If you've always wanted the opportunity to get direction and coaching from a 22 year marketing professionals, this may be your one and only chance.

It's going to be an exciting, fast paced Mastermind group that will literally have you running to make profitable, immediate changes in your current marketing business transforming it to a cash machine that brings in new business associates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The topic?

"How Regular People Become Can become Master
Recruiters in Network or Affiliate Marketing"

You'll get a frank, uncensored discussion with a top network marketing pioneer covering the little-known (and seldom talked about) fundamentals to recruiting success.

How much is this event worth to you?

Dale charges $500 per hour for phone consultations. This conference will have you on the phone with Dale for one hour revealing every secret he knows about sponsoring new business partners while generating huge wads of cash quickly from his advertising efforts.

So, this event will occur ONE TIME ONLY... and it is 100% FREE & 100% generic. No primary MLM or Affiliate Program will be discussed.

So what is the catch?

There is no Secret that the Marketing Industry has been in a recession the last few years. Those of you that have followed Mr. Calverts career know that he has predicted every major trend and down fall in this industry before it happened.

He has caught a lot of heat from other industry leaders that seem to want to keep their organizations in the dark. Nobody in the industry has a reputation for "telling it like it is" like Dale Calvert.


In 1997 when Mr. Calvert introduced his cassette "Network Marketing is a Scam?" he tried to warn the Industry he loved, that if things didn't change we could burn ourselves out.

Well, we didn't change and that is exactly what has happened.

There is ONE WAY that we have found to create the sustained growth, residual income and lifestyle in today's marketing environment and it is simply time to get the word out to as many marketers as possible, as quickly as possible.

That is Dales heart and desire, to share with marketers the ONE WAY that we have found to give your self a chance for Success in a recessionary market place!

Instead of writing a book or producing a cassette tape or video series I have convinced Mr. Calvert that the best way to get his message heard as quick as possible, as soon as possible, by as many marketers as possible, is to give them the chance to hear it first hand, live, from a marketing millionaire that normally charges $500 an hour for consultations.

That makes sense to me, what about you?

I promise, you'll walk away with powerful strategies, ideas and action steps you can take the very next day.


Within the first 5 minutes I knew I was in for something very special. The best hour of training I have ever experienced in 12 years in this industry.   Lisa McQueal CA.

Finally I know why I wasn't experiencing the results I had hoped with my current lead program. Thank You! Don Farson New Mexico I immediately called my organization when the call was over to share with them your "You got a Number Concept". You have a gift of making the complex common sense; I have never heard anyone quite like you. The information on the call will mean tens of thousands of dollars in extra income for me over the next few months.  Demetrie Sagostere NY NY

I have been involved in Lead Systems for 5 years. I agree, they are mandatory in today's marketing environment. I have been a member of the Top 5 lead generation programs in the country. Your funded proposal system is the most unique cash generating idea I have ever experienced. How does it feel to be in a market with 0 competition.  Don Peitrei Southern CA

What planet do you come from? I haven't slept for 2 days since the call and for the first time in a long time have a renewed hope about my future in this industry.  Jamie Beal Florida

I have heard your tapes, read all your books and it was a pleasure being included on your training call. I have been on many calls, heard many speakers, but none with the passion, and commitment to their fellow network like you. Thank you for your inspiration, every time I hear you I realize I CAN DO IT!  Debra Dunn Oak Ridge TN

Thanks for the call; my entire downline has registered for the next one. What you have put together is the most unique lead generation concept that I have seen in 17 years within the industry.  Shawn Scottsfield Salt Lake City Utah

We literally received dozens of testimonies like the ones above after the very first call when Dale introduced this unique Funded-Proposal concept.

That's why I know that the concepts, principals, ideas and techniques Dale shares with you on Sunday night will have an immediate and permanent impact on your business and your financial future.

If you'd like get in on this free call, then you can receive complete registration details by sending a blank email to Details will be sent to you automatically via email.

Note: If the call is full by the time you register, I will be forced to put you on a waiting list. Don't miss out - because I am sure I won't be able to convince Mr. Calvert to do another FREE call anytime in the near future.

REGISTER RIGHT NOW... We even have a Special $17.00 Bonus for you immediately after you register.

If you'd like get in on this free call, then you can receive complete registration details by sending a blank email to

Details will besent to you automatically via email.

Much Success,
Brent Birch

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