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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Palestine and Immunology

This reminds me of a funny (if obvious) story:

When I was in high school, our library had a copy of the Great Soviet
Encyclopedia (English edition). A teacher told me that in 1954 or so, it
received from Moscow a one-page entry for the Bering Strait and was told
to paste it over a certain page. That page featured one Lavrenti P.
Beria, Stalin's last secret police head and his likely successor but for
Khruschev's wiles and Marshal Zhukov's tanks and troops. 

This has been a Minute of History from your Ministry of Truth!


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>  Palestine and Immunology
>   Date:
>     Wed, 1 May 2002 12:14:51 -0400
> Arnaiz-Villena A, Elaiwa N, Silvera C, Rostom A, Moscoso J, Gómez-
> Casado E, Allende L, Varela P, Martínez-Laso, J. " The origin of
> Palestinians and their genetic relatedness with other Mediterranean
> populations". Human Immunology 62: 889-900, 2001.
> It has been removed from Columbia University's online archive by the American
> Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, almost a year after
> its being published.
> --------------------------
> Jews and Palestinians are Genetically Identical
> April 16, 2002 8:30 CDT
> The journal Human Immunology is making history, but not for anything it
> would like to be known for. In a move of unprecedented self-censorship,
> they are begging libraries and private readers alike to physically remove
> an article from their most recent issue and throw the offending story into =
> the nearest trash receptacle. Really.
> "I have authored several hundred scientific papers, some for Nature and
> Science, and this has never happened to me before," said the article's
> lead author, Spanish geneticist Professor Antonio Arnaiz-Villena, of
> Complutense University in Madrid. "I am stunned."
> Other geneticists are similarly appalled: "If the journal didn't like the
> paper, they shouldn't have published it in the first place. Why wait until =
> it has appeared before acting like this?'" Why, indeed?
> Dolly Tyan is president of the American Society of Histocompatibility
> and Immunogenetics, which runs the Journal. She issued a statement
> to the effect that the Society was "offended and embarrassed" by the
> whole thing.
> The journal's editor, Nicole Sucio-Foca, of Columbia University, New
> York, claims the article provoked such a welter of complaints over its
> extreme political writing that she was forced to repudiate it. The article =
> has been removed from Human Immunology's website, while letters
> have been written to libraries and universities throughout the world
> asking them to ignore or 'preferably to physically remove the relevant
> pages'.
> Arnaiz-Villena has been sacked from the journal's editorial board. Just
> what is all the fuss about? The paper, 'The Origin of Palestinians and
> their Genetic Relatedness with other Mediterranean Populations',
> involved studying genetic variations in immune system genes among
> people in the Middle East.
> In common with earlier studies, the team found no data to support the
> idea that Jewish people were genetically distinct from other people in
> the region. In doing so, the team's research challenges claims that
> Jews are a special, chosen people and that Judaism can only be
> inherited.
> Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East share a very similar gene pool
> and must be considered closely related and not genetically separate,
> the authors state. Rivalry between the two races is therefore based 'in
> cultural and religious, but not in genetic differences', they conclude.
> Source: The London Observer
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