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[Nettime-bold] _net.code(r2) !: November 4th 2001:_

_net.code(r2) !:  November 4th 2001:_

[21:03] <][mez][> i have texts in the Hard_Code alt-x book as well....but 
am on the backbench...:)
[21:03] <][mez][> ][4 this chat, anyway:)][

[21:04] <][mez][> must be very][gh][rating, well as 

[21:11] <][mez][> chat virgins;)

[21:11] <log> AltX claims that the imprint brings to web-readers a 
must-have library of uncategorizable writing being produced by some of the 
most provocative artists in contemporary new media culture

[21:14] <][mez][> cinema of info.mation?
[21:14] * ][mez][ retracts her qs

[21:15] <][mez][> alan>>on the samw .wav.length there i think....
[21:15] <][mez][> samW=same

[21:19] <Alan_Sondheim> I think of Mez' and my work, some of which is in 
the email list "format" - and I know for myself how hard it is to republish 
or recapitulate this -
[21:20] <][mez][> egg.actly alan. my contribution that's n.cluded in the 
Hard-Code ebook was not the mezanglled version that i n.dicated but the 
translated version...again, that recourse to traditionality even here....

(r2) !:
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