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Tony Obakpe.
Côte d'Ivoire
West Africa
           Dear Sir,

With respect and humility am explaining my predicament
to you now which am not supposed to exposed myself,
but for the sake of help which I needed very seriously
now, leaves me no choice. Am Tony Obakpe I am from
Zimbabwe, my father was a construction engineer, and a
big time government contractor; he whose a lot of
limited liability companies. As his first son and also
a special adviser to him, his death came as result of
his part in politics which I personally advice him not
to take part in politics of this our country but he
would not listened to me in respect of political
parties bringing an individual in to power as a result
of his lost for power, he was assassinated in early
1998 by unknown assassin from the opposition party who
feel my father is standing on their way.later After
his death series of banks came with proof that my
father took loans from them in running the affairs of
this companies thereby confiscating the companies and
even the estate was confiscated also, 
So this exactly what promoted me in brooking into my
father's strongroom because ever since he die nobody
has ever enter into the strongroom for respect of our
tradition, but I have to go look for the document
covering our main building so that they will not
confiscate it too which will render us homeless but
yet all my intention fail 
Because our main building belong to the bank now. The
only favour which God have for us now is what am
contacting you, to please help us out of this problem.
In my father strongroom I saw my father's important
files in one  of the file I saw  document covering a
consignment in a security  company in Côte d' Ivoire
Abidjan deposited by my father as document covering
companies properties and family treasure, and Weal. I
know my father very well as he use to do his things,
in one of the file there was a statement he made that
the consignment in the security company  in Abidjan
contains $21,000 000 00 (Twenty one million dollars )
with proof of the certificate of deposit which they
issue  to my father, so I quickly moved down to
Abidjan to the security company. That is why I said
God has favour his children the security company G.M
show me the consignment and told me the modality which
my father deposited the consignment, he said that my
father's instruction with them is that either himself
or his foreign partner has right of claim with the
document issued b y the security company. This is what
made me to contact you to come and represent that my
father foreign partner so that we can retrieve this
money from the company and you will open a foreign
account here in Abidjan and instruct the bank to
transfer the fund to your foreign account in your
country, After you must have successfully paid the
fund to the bank. After which I 
And my younger brother will move down with you to your
country and also you will help us in investing the
money in a good ventures yielding devended  I hoped to
give 15 percent to you out of the total fund.

Waiting for your urgent response 

Remain Blessed 


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