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Here's something else that is probably just too pro Israel for you to publish:

In a message dated 5/3/02 8:01:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ivo@reporters.net writes:

That's where US responsibility comes in: because it is the US that
armed the Israelis with this hi-tech weapons

Please note, it was the Israeli tactic of using unmanned decoys -- that was used by the US in Desert Storm war against Saddam with great success.  The US *borrowed* this tactic, after it was proven successful by Israel.  Also, in the same war, the US did not at the time have the unmanned drones for photographing the ground from above.  These were *purchased* from Israel.  These made a HUGE difference in the war.  In fact, the Iraqis surrendered to an unmanned drone!  A first.  The US gets a lot of R & D from Israel in exchange for US $.  The US also gives the Arab nations millions...in exchange for anti-West diatribes it would seem.

The next bit adds:
I think Steve, like most apologists of Israel's occupation, fail to recognize
the fact that as a result of ethnic cleansing, the sizable amount of land was
stolen from Palestinians. The policy of our government is to support the country that stole that land, the country that runs apartheid style society. At the same time, our governments are denying Palestinians UN recognized universal right to self defense.

Actually, it is the Palestinians that are squatting on Israeli land.  The Arab nations would not allow the Palestinians to build permanent homes in the *occupied territories*, given to the Palestinians by Israel, because the Palestinians are only there to help remove Israel from Israel's land.  The Palestinians are being used.  Arafat's evil is so great, so much like his hero Hitler, that he is more than willing to sacrifice 1,000,000 children to defeat Israel, he said so himself. 

Israel is the dividing line in the sand.  Guess who's next in line?  How foolish to not see the obvious.  The fundamentalist Muslims are determined to destroy the West.  The only thing this has to do with Israel is that Israel is a part of the West.  The radical Islamists have NO intention of stopping there.  Europe today is evidence of that.....