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>please surprise my sleeping body

courage virgin blotter

snow of the well springs

smiles are acknowledged

nn - playing with diamonds

what is striking, seeing you on a set, is the solitude you seem wrapped in.

jean-luc godard: yes, but that's because of my nature. i don't much care for
the shooting. what i really enjoy is searching. the conversations i want to
have interest no one, i think, apart from a friend. it's something that goes
back to my childhood, the fear of boring others with things that don't interest them.

[he !z d!rekt!ng dze nn f!lm - !n evnt u d!d not knou. 

nn - i have purchased a 2 page spppppppprrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaadddddd
     i wonder - will it suffice for my many bodies. no matter. the result ov games
     is maritime forests. water silk sky.   s              k             y

i am the human destiny 
    parachuting from a deeply felt liberty

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