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[Nettime-bold] god should be lower case

Anarcho-primitivist writer Derrick Jensen has published on his Web site an
errata list for his latest book, _The Culture of Make Believe_, and has
perhaps created in the process a multi-layered work of net art (

Kermit Snelson

Errata for The Culture of Make Believe
Derrick Jensen

A snafu in production meant I did not get to see the copyedited version of
this book before it was released. The copyeditor made a ton of changes I did
not approve of, and inserted numerous errors. Most of the errors are
trivial, such as a radically different use of commas (if you see commas in
places you wouldn’t normally expect from me, presume they’re not mine), but
a few are significant. Here are my changes. I have not changed all of the
comma errors, only most of them. In addition, there were of course several
errors that were my responsibility. If you see more errors, please don’t
hesitate to let me know.

*** means that this error is crucial, in that it changes the meaning of my

+++ means that the error is so crucial that we are changing it in the second

+++ ix, second paragraph, second line, reads "vowed to avenge those who
killed her husband" should read "vowed to avenge her husband"

xi, last paragraph, reads "My book, A Language Older Than Words, was" should
have no commas.

5, first line, reads "soft, white, underbelly" should read "soft white

39, third paragraph, delete the line that rads "In fact it’s possible to to
hate him because of who he is."

42, fourth paragraph, reads "comes from the fact that hatred, felt long
enough and deeply enough, no" but it should have no commas in it.

42, final paragraph, reads, "electrified razor wire, followed by still more
razor wire" should read "razor wire, then lethal electric fence, then still
more razor wire"

47, first line, reads "illegal, according to international rules of warfare,
because" should have no commas.

47, second paragraph, third and fourth lines should not have italics.

49, third paragraph, reads "people who called, or call themselves" should
have no comma.

49, third paragraph, reads "because, clearly, it does" should have no

53, third paragraph, reads "but, African people, occurred" should have no

62, fourth paragraph, reads "meaning, this time, that" should have no

63, first line, there should be no comma after razzias

66, first paragraph, reads "perhaps, even, morally" should have no commas.

*** 77, second paragraph, reads "Alexander Pope in glorious all to" should
read "Alexander Pope in glorious all caps to"

94, the phrase "doesn’t quite explain the relationship between these
atrocities and hate" is repeated. Obviously the second should be cut.

106, third paragraph, reads "hatred, felt long enough and deeply enough, no"
should have no commas.

122, reads "three thousand per year involuntarily or coerced sterilizations
performed at" should read "three thousand involuntarily or coerced
sterilizations performed per year at"

131, about halfway down the page, reads "a long time. Finally he said"
should read "a long time. At last he said"

133, third paragraph from the end, the question mark should be a period.

134, reads "do also do we change our souls" should read "so also do we
change our souls"

168, sixth line, "Der Stürming" should be "Der Stürmer" (note that it should
be italicized)

177, last line has two quote marks in a row. One should not be there.

*** 179, second paragraph, reads "with only potentially" should read "only
with potentially"

189, second paragraph, _Facing West: The Metaphysics of Indian-Hating and
Empire-Building_ should be italicized but is not.

189, third paragraph, _In Search of the Primitive: A Critique of
Civilization_ should be italicized but is not.

189, third paragraph, "normally unspoken observations" should be "normally
unspoken observation" (I think)

211, fifth line from the end, reads "But, looking at the pictures, I" should
have no commas.

212 third paragraph, first line, "many" should not be italicized.

221, last line, reads "but, in greater measure, because" should have no

222, middle of the page, reads "complicated dances with him in" should read
"complicated dances in"

+++ 233 THIS IS A HUGE ONE first line, reads "This was not a typical year"
should read "This was not an atypical year"

233, halfway down, reads "primarily, that it kills at concentrations of four
to ten parts" should have no comma.

235, two-thirds of the way down, reads "science geek that I am, God help me"
but god should be lower case.

252 reads "onto the yard; within" but the semicolon should be a comma.

253, third line, cut the word "former"

265, second paragraph, fifth line, one should not be italicized.

267, second paragraph, fourth line, there should not be a comma after L.A.

271, second paragraph, fifth line, cut "in describing what took place,"

283, third line from end, reads "reduce them anymore" should read "reduce
them any more"

294, second paragraph, reads "said for slave owners" should read "said for

300, first line, cut ", in class,"

300, halfway down, reads "gathering, then, finally" should have no commas

300, two more lines down, reads "waited, for five" should have no comma

301 next to last paragraph, reads "More generally, still" should have no

309, second paragraph, reads "enough for him use federal" should read
"enough for him to use federal"

331, near the end of the second paragraph, reads "the myth-smaking" should
read "the myth-making"

339, last paragraph, first line, should have no comma.

400, first line, reads "some people, looking to" should have no comma.

342, fifth line from the top, reads "the word the" should read "the word
the" so that the first the is not italicized and the second one is.

344, third paragraph, reads "rely on, as the cornerstone" should have no

359, halfway down, reads "died, two years later, of" should have no commas.

365, last paragraph should be indented, obviously.

371, third paragraph, reads "for slaves influences" should read "for slaves

377, fifth line from the end, reads "yet, in the end, there" should have no

388, sixth line from the end, reads "at least, middle classes" should read
"at least middle, classes"

389, seventh line, reads "yet, time and again, those" should have no commas.

389, two more lines down, reads "seems that, far more" should have no comma.

389, two more lines down, reads "currently enjoy), is" should have no comma.

390, fourth line, reads "called, the Justice" should have no comma.

391, second paragraph, reads "might be, not the result of activists, but,
instead, provacateurs" should have no commas.

395, second line from the end, reads "Or, perhaps, you" should have no

*** 398, second line from the top, reads "those, at least, a" should have no

398, second paragraph, fourth line, "an other" should be "another"

400, last paragraph, "Lee’s army of northern Virginia" should be "Lee’s Army
of Northern Virginia"

401, halfway down, reads "this is surprising, in the" should have no comma.

401, last line, reads "though, still useless" should have no comma.

410, second paragraph, reads "peoples off their land, and commit genocide"
should have no comma

410, third line from end, should have no comma before the quote marks and em

416, last paragraph, reads "legislature, made vague attempts to tax railroad
profits, which, to that time, had" should only have a comma after "profits"

421, second paragraph, the commas that come in this paragraph between the
word "monopoly" and the word "through" should not be there.

421, second paragraph, reads "farm equipment, through" and there should be
no comma.

433, first paragraph, reads "Barrels, neither burned nor buried, were"
should have no commas.

442 fourth paragraph, reads "But, perhaps, this is going too far. Perhaps,
by" should have no commas.

457, second line, reads "Wall street" should read "Wall Street"

464, seventh line, the word "effectively" should be italicized

469, second paragraph, "Washing-ton" should be "Washington"

471, fourth line from the end, "stance, not" should have no comma

473, last paragraph, reads "prosecutor, who" should have no comma

477, first line, "militia" should not be italicized

481, first paragraph, "at least, sometimes, less personal" should have no

481, last paragraph, "and, I guess, that’s" should have no commas.

484 second line, "McNamara, comparing" should have no comma.

484, "opinions, ranging from" should have no comma.

485, first and second lines, "opinion, except McNamara’s, boring, to" should
only have a comma after "boring"

487, first paragraph, "God" should not be capitalized.

487, next to last paragraph, "homes looking, for contraband" should not have
a comma.

490, last paragraph, "girl, by the name of Mary Phagan, had" should have no

490, "Jew, from New York, by" should have no commas.

490, "written, about Phagan, in" should have no commas.

493, last line, "Mitchell Palmer had" should read "Mitchell Palmer, had"

494, next to last line, reads "that, what was true" should have no comma.

507, second paragraph, reads "ebony, to subtlest russet, to the" should have
no commas.

513, first paragraph, "meaning that, self-suffiency is feasible, meaning
that, human" should have no commas.

513 second paragraph, "system of repression, to the" should have no commas.

513, last paragraph, "and, remember, those" should have no comma after "and"

518, last paragraph, "mantrap—A more" should read "mantrap—a more"

519, last paragraph, "called, by most, Steve, had" should only have a comma
after "Steve"

*** 522 next to last paragraph, reads "where she had witnessed what had
happened and" should read "where she bore witness to what had happened and"

523, second paragraph, "at least, for the inclusion" should have no comma.

523 last paragraph, "finite planet, all economic" should have no comma.

523 last paragraph, " because, within our culture" should have no comma.

523 last paragraph, "successful than normal, exploiting" should read
"successful than normal at exploiting"

525, second paragraph, reads "attempted to be" should read "attempt to be"

551, first paragraph, reads "revealing that, within the larger" should have
no comma.

554, first sentence, reads "When I was, maybe, thirteen, I" should read
"When I was maybe thirteen,"

559, second paragraph, reads "yet, less often" should have no comma.

569, third paragraph, reads "were locked, behind" should have no comma.

569, third paragraph, reads "and, at last" should have no comma.

574, third paragraph, "Maxaam" should be "MAXXAM" with all caps and spelled

575, "Maxxam" should be "MAXXAM"

575, "Valco" should be "VALCO"

576, second line, reads "this is to not to speak" should read "this is not
to speak"

585, second paragraph, reads "It was, partly, for the network, in general,
and, partly, for" should read "It was partly for the network in general, and
partly for"

588, last paragraph, reads, "but, not only did the Nazis" should not have a

593, third paragraph, reads "—and, as when" should have no comma.

594, fourth line, reads "Perhaps, the" should have no comma.

595, fourth line, reads "third group, who might" should have no comma.

595, third paragraph, reads "group three, already" should have no comma.

600, third line from end, reads "as, each night, when" should have no

601, thid line, reads "again, outside, and" should have no commas.

603, second paragraph, reads "Maybe that seems absurd, to you. It doesn’t,
to" should have no commas.

608, second paragraph, reads, "of the old ones." Should read "of the old
ones; to MaryAlecia Briggs, for her intelligence and compassion; and to my
supervisor and students, for their courage in difficult circumstances."

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