Sarah Montgomery on Fri, 3 May 2002 02:48:01 +0200 (CEST)

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ATTN: Dear Friend,

       I strongly apologise for sending you this
business proposal by email,due to the urgencey attach
and from the information I gathered about your good
self have assured me your being reliable,trust worthy
and confident to accommodate my business interest.
    Am Sarah Montgomery widow to late H .B Montgomery
of Sierra-Leone one of the formal director general in
charge of the national sales of diamonds(DIAMOND
RESERVE).Please I don't know any other fast medium I
can use in reaching out that why I chose to write you
this my letter by emailing you personally.And I will
like you to take this my letter  with kind interest so
we can work with one understanding regards to my
preposal to you so you can stand for me and my step
son as the needed nominated foreign investor/manager.
  From the information reaching Me the management of
an agent security company that have all necessary
information to my late husband consignments containing
his funds that is with IDS SECURITY AND FUNDS
MANAGER LIMITED U.K in their deposit house vault for
safe keeping as finally agreed to released to me my
late husbands funds in their deposit house vault
WILLED to me and my step son on the condition that WE
present to them our own trusted nominated foreign
investor manager out side Africa for security reason
and for us not missmanage the funds when release to
    The amount involved that is now secretly secured
into consignments in the security company Deposit
house vault for safe keeping is USD$15.2
million.(fifteen point two million united states
dollars)all in liquid cash.And regards the source of
the funds back home in Sierra-Leone I will be able to
tell you when I did receive your good respond
regarding this issue.
  Please I don't know how to explain the situation to
you better than this now.What We feel if you will be
able to work thing out with us,I will then forwards to
you useful information and documents regards the said
funds presently in the deposit house vault for safe
keeping and We work out a percentage that will be of
your fair share of the total sum for standing for us
and coming down to Cotonou or U.K as the foreign
investor manager.
    Please your positive reply will be highly
appreciative on receipt of this mail.

  Expecting your mail.
  Thanks and stay blessed,

  Sarah Montgomery.

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