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[Nettime-bold] Furthernoise is here...

Furthernoise is pleased to announce.a new experience in audio perception

Furthernoise is an independent and explorative audio, archive, serving as a
platform to declare contemporary digital noise, music, spoken word and
soundscapes. Discovering new territories of expression using sound as the
primary medium.

We have a diverse array of artists and groups who are pushing their work
further than the traditional remit of corporate controlled clichés. We have
no limits as imagination is our true liberation and adventure is the key for
realization and re-interpretation of new terrains that communicate via

The first group of artists on furthernoise are featured below.Defrag, Ouch!
Those Monkeys, Flipside, Phoebus, Mac Dunlop, Roger Mills, Charles C Goff
111, Marc Garrett, Miranda Matthews, Paul Burnell, Salon Combat, New Ape &
the Eternals, Paul Glazier...

So visit and enjoy the Noise.

For more info or possible submissions contact:

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