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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Palestine and Le Pen

> Len Pen's fascism is more against
> Arabs than Jews; more precisely, the NF in France is against North
> Africans.

of course the antisemitism is one of the only real ideological ciment of the
front national, but understand 'antisemitism' as a 'cosa nostra' for the
deep core of their militant, understnad 'antisemitism' as inner slang for
the own use of the frontiste, a secret signe de reconnaissance, a comment in
the code for the only use of authorized programer..of course in the battle
against polyculturalism the battle against jew is always the mother one, but
yes jean marie has an another agenda for the moment, plus it seems it could
be possible to use of him. and by 'left' include. cause what is clear also
they are many french who debelirated 'play' with the fire for expressing a
a blocage of class..
what i want to say it's lepen is really a political filth and all those who
voted for him perfectly know lepen is -not- a berlusconi, lepen is not a
joerg haider, i.e. give him the power and he will -never- give it back.
but brr it's thrill of frenzy, what dont happen this time of course cause
holy marx said the politic found in france its country, and marx as you know
never be wrong on anything, so what probably finish in some cohabitation
till, with this in flash coded intro roller coster, kinda interactive java
goering's looping..cause if not i wonder if our heart could support to be so
much torn beetween ak47 or m16 as choice in this next civil war. cause even
if the laugh is always require, it would be more difficult to smile to the
cnn tv camera then, but i hope we will try..at the beginning at last

> Aside from all this, you may have noticed that stories of rising
> anti-Semitism almost always coincides with criticism of Israel. Hence,
> this time the French elections provided the perfect setting, as if it was
> manna sent from heaven. Subsequently, the likes of Klein end up twisting
> events out of context in order to serve their ignominious purpose.

well the cynism is not the promise land of jews as nazis one. it rest the
jean marie's deny of polyculturalism, and so his antisemitism could find a
new political issue, remember befor the decision of final solution the
concentration of all the jews in some country was envisaged by nazis..so
what if global antisemitism could resume in this phrase
'so as we have help israel &you have a good home now, -all- go back home
now please' plus 'of course if you need some good weapon..just phone'.
so what it's touchy for the diaspora, and french one include where jew
intellectual are many and most listened as wise : the frontiste vote is also
a slap right in their face, a disqualification about their usual
discernement & restraint
for replacing it by a nazi-polpot scorn as 'look how much any brain is never
much more than a slave of the guts under'

> So now the French left has a choice between the crook or the fascist. As
> far as I'm concerned, the people got what they deserved.

yes, it's what god repeat daylong to his people in the bible, well, or it's
time to get some old ugly king or pimply queen till..after all what is good
for afganis & english can be good for froggys too, er with some mayonnaise
it's as olive oil or minth sauce, you could eat all what you want you know

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