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I have your contact from World Business Inquiry and
South Africa Business of Chamber and sincerely believe
that you are reliable in handling this international
and confidential transaction of this sort.
I am BEN ZUBA Kupen the son of Col. KUPEN EDY, the
chief of staff and the bodyguard of the Late PRESIDENT
HIS Excellency Gen. Laurent Kabila of the Democrdtic
Republi of Congo(DRC).Who was shot dead by my father
on 16th of January, 2001, as a result of a political
conflict and disorder between the General in the
Presidential villa.
Before my father died on exchange of gunshots on the
same day, he deposited the sum of US$40.5Million.
(fourty Million five hundred thusand Dollars)with the
private security firm in South Africa for me to
conclude my studies in the United Kingdom and this was
made possible by his long time friend and attorney who
has been fighting for my political refegee here in
South Africa.
However, this proposal is to inform you that I would
like to transfer this money into yout account overseas
or into an official account witthi the shortest time.
It is in the light of this that I took my time to
arrang for a confidential and trustworthy friend who
will assist me in transfering this money by coming to
South Africa to open a non-resident and investment
account so that we can move out this fund out of South
Africa for security reasons and for upward investment
of your chioce with me in your country and with my
late fathers attorneys arrangment and his friend the
bank manager supervising the transfer.
You can contact me with the above phone and fax
numbers for more details and information.
NOTE:Know that this transaction demands the highest
degree of trust and secrecy between us, and
moreover,it is risk free and the sense that I have all
the proper and perfect care of all the formalities.
However two options for your assistance,(A)in
appreciation of your effort and assistance, I have
mapped out the sharing of this fund as follows, 60%
for me, 25%, for you 10% for all expenses incured in
the course of the transaction and 5% for the Bank
Manager.(B)You may as well agree for us to do a joint
business of your chioce, with me in your country.

Any one you choose, just fell and call me as soon as
possible and remember that this transaction demand a
total secrecy and confidentiality.

Best Regards


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