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[Nettime-bold] 16 Great Insurance Companies...One Great Source!

Title: 16 Great Insurance Companies...One Great Source!
Baker Associates Is Pleased To Offer You Our Extended Portfolio

Check out our extended portfolio

Zurich Life

Term * Annuities * Universal Life * TeleLife

First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Co.

Underwriting Upgrade Programs
* Universal Life * Term
* UL with Long Term Care

West Coast Life

Last-To-Die * Universal Life * Term * COLI
* Long Term Care * Progressive Underwriting

Lincoln National Life Insurance Co.

Table C to Standard Program * Last-To-Die
* COLI * Universal Life with No-Lapse
Guarantee * Traditional Life

American General/Old Line Life

Premium Financing * Term * No-Lapse Premiums * Last-To-Die
* Immediate and Deferred Annuities


Annuity Maximization * Universal Life * Term
* Traditional Life * No Lapse Premiums
* Proprietary Sales Presentations * Premium

General American Life

No-Lapse Premiums * Underwriting Programs
* COLI * Last-To-Die * Term * BOLI


Table 4 to Standard Programs * No-Lapse Premiums * Universal Life * Term
* Traditional Life

First Colony Life Insurance Co./General Electric Capital Assurance Co.

No-Lapse Universal Life Insurance * Second-To-Die * Impaired Risk Underwriting * Annuities * Term Life Insurance * Long Term Care Insurance * Aggressive Underwriting


Term and Universal Life
* Annuities
* Last-To-Die


Whole Life * Last-To-Die * Term * COLI
* Aggressive Underwriting
* No-Lapse Universal Life

Pacific Life Insurance Company

COLI and BOLI * Universal Life
* Term * Last-To-Die

State Life

Impaired Risk Underwriting * UL * Term
* Rated SPIA's * Long-Term Care

Peoples Benefit Life Insurance Co.

Non-Medical Underwriting up to $100,000
* 4 Day Jet Issue on Qualifying apps

Empire General

Universal Life * Level Term * Last-To-Die
* Excess Interest Whole Life
* Aggressive Underwriting

United of Omaha

No-Lapse Universal Life * Term * Last-To-Die
* Long Term Care
* Annuities

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