seanheaLy on Wed, 1 May 2002 05:20:02 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] thumb skate flash

ave joined the blogga brigade,
thanx to kind help of my friend praccus @

All the articles / interviews below are available at:
and a bunch others here...

ciao bunnies~!

Dream Machines
Mark Pesce : Toys & Us
Lunar Lasers
Game History: rebecca.cannon
MCHawking Interview
Melb Digi-Comix
Future Farmers Interview
Data Sperm: Jon McCormack Interview
Phone(y) Home(y)
2001 Web Dissectionz
Remixing Neighbours
Ogg Vorbis Vs. MP3
Arkaos Vidi-Yo Sampler Review
Sadie Plant & Mobile Phones
(VJ) Honeygun Labs
MIDI Triggering Sk8 Ramp!
Software review: VDMX 2
Eye-fi Inter-voo
V-Track Review
Real Electronic Virtual (REV festival)
Neotropic On Music Vs Film
Getting Video Online
Steev Hise Interview
Banff Vs. Online Film
Reaktor 3 Review (4u)
The Light Surgeons
Generative Design: Beyond Photoshop

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