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[Nettime-bold] Re: 3-DNETŪ Employment - You're Invited!

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                                  Employment -  You're Invited!
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My name is Michael MacDonald, manager of 3-DNETŪ. I noticed your
resume " soliciting " presence on the Internet.

3-DNETŪ is a prestigious, yet open to all, GLOBAL link between Individual
and Industry whereby the internet is regarded as only one of the available
means to achieve desired contacts ! Membership is by invitation only.

It would be an honour to include your background on our active database.
If interested in further details please let me know via :
http://www.3dnet.org or send email to: exec@3dnet.org

Please do NOT send your resume YET.

Best personal regards,

Michael MacDonald
The 3-D Network Company International Inc.

P.S # 1 Please read :
A good job is RARELY found on a resume bank !
Job sites produce few actual hires. Frustrated job-seekers disenchanted
with online services. 3-DNETŪ  We think you deserve a better chance !

P.S # 2 If you are interested to be informed about the "Hidden Jobmarket"
opportunities and other 3-DNETŪ  global services I suggest you register
with our FREE weekly E-journal via :

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