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[Nettime-bold] Do you have a question for George Maciunas?

Do you have a question for George Maciunas (1931 - 1978), artist and the founder of the Fluxus movement.? 
If so, please email it by replying to this message by May 6th, 2002.
In an attempt to communicate with George Maciunas, we are going to collaborate with an experienced psychic who will deliver your questions (or suggestions, ideas, inquiries, etc.) directly to Maciunas. The questions, along with the answers, will be published in Looking for Mr. Fluxus: in the Footsteps of George Maciunas, a publication following the exhibition of the same name at Art in General, NYC (www.artingeneral.org) from October 9 to December 22, 2001, curated by Grady T. Turner and me, Raimundas Malasauskas.
The publication will include artists pages by Cristian Alexa, Melissa Brown, Patty Chang, Redas Dirzys, Linas Jablonskis, Patrick Killoran, Dainius Liskevicius, Gintaras Makarevicius, Darius Miksys, Ezra Shales, Alma Skersyte, The So-Called Records, Ike Ude, and "Fluxus genetics" project by Skuta Helgason. It will be published by Art in General, NYC.
Please forward this message to any interested parties, reply to: askmaciunas@yahoo.com
Thank you for your collaboration.
raimundas malasauskas

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