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[Nettime-bold] ++ Second Request For Public Accountability [RFPA] ++

Mr. Ted Byfield,

Your recent assessment of Vint Cert and ICANN has an
extremely unfortunate aspect in its critical stance,
in that it helps to illuminate problems inherent in
the Nettime moderation process.

This email is sent without malicious intent, nor
to lesson the value of the work you have done with
respect to ICANN and its public review. Yet it is
also extremely ineffective to judge ICANN based on
the criteria you choose -- and yet not to practice
nor require this same degree of integrity in your
role as a Moderator of Nettime, at the same time
censoring posts and posters whose ideas do not fit
into your specialized purview of legitimate thoughts,
which discredits your own work with biased critiques.

How can the faults, shortcomings, and corrupt aspects
at ICANN be expected to change if these same issues
are deemed "off topic" for Nettime? This is not an issue
of a moderator gone bad, but the process of moderation,
and unfortunately it has caused damages which could
be addressed if truth is reinstated where power now
resides, in the hands of you and your networked friends.

This contradiction is also noticed by several others
online, including those who may not give you any benefit
of the doubt. And use this weakness to discredit you.

It may be worth your while to consider taking your own
advice- and as a result regain much of the professional
credibility you have lost- as a fair-minded reporter,
editor online whose work is respected. At least it is
to be hoped, as you deserve a break- as does Nettime.

-- Another (Lamarckian Inheritance manifest online.)

"To backward or not to backward- or to forward. Or both?"

Re: <nettime> Vinc Cerf: The Internet is for Everyone;
written and published by Mr. Ted Byfield on Nettime-L:

>cerf is in a very bad position to be criticial of what's going
>on inside ICANN: he was the towering figure in creating it, he
>bailed it out when it was running out of money (e.g., a bridge
>loan from his own MCI/worldcom), and he's chair of the board.

>cerf presided over all of this, from beginning to end. afaict,
>the only mystery is why he still has a good reputation.


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