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[Nettime-bold] Re: Suicide Bombers

I did suppose this would be coming from somebody. It is true that historically KLA and PLO do have a different background, but in their respective fighting situations, they were pretty much in the same boat.

Serbs were once the masters of Kosovo, just as Jews were controlling Israel/Palestine. That was history. Than Albanians moved in Kosovo, and Arabs moved in Israel. In 1948 Israel was "given" back to Israeli Jews and they started pushing Arabs away. Serbs were also trying to push/contain Albanians in Kosovo.

The difference of course exists: Serbs never really left Kosovo and than returned after a couple of thousands years as occupiers. But everything else is eerily similar, isn't it?


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E-hem, pardon me if I am wrong, gentlemen, but there seems to be another very important difference which Ivo is forgetting. While the Israelis are raiding the Palestinians who are fighting for their own land (they were pushed away from their turf by the Israelis in 1948, weren't they?), the YU army was fighting the confirmed terrorists (KLA), who had pushed away the Serbs from their own land, and who were simply wiping out the rest of the remaining Serb population in Kosovo. Of course, it is not as simple as that, but worth taking into consideration...

(And just for the record, I do not believe in violent actions, and I do not symphatize with either one of the "(suspected) war criminals", nor do I approve of their actions.)

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