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Joseph Franklyn McElroy - 

>> my body was murdered at 14 by filthy western thieves.
>> once one has made that sacrifice one is no longer the equal of other
>> humans.
>> i am infinite. extended.
>Silly little girl, 

 he: have i hurt you?
she: does it matter so much to you?
 he: more than you can possibly imagine.

let's place you in that vast vase.

>"I" implies a single unit, able to be described. Infinite is 
>without boundaries, limitless.  Infinite would not describe [itself00] as "I" 

it is easier to move from whole to part than from part to whole.
as the axiom in algebra - proceed from the known to the unknown and not the kontrary

but - have a seat + read

the application of the maxim: "admire your self and others will admire you"
is 100x more useful in our epoch than the greek 1: "know thyself"
which has now been replaced by the less demanding + more
profitable art of knowing others.

i assume: man kind is an ugly worm when viewed through a solar mikroskope.

i admit: what i do does not deserve to be entitled something.

we are entering a positive period.
4 the 3 absurds are now komplete.


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