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[Nettime-bold] ReRe: Generation Flash? The Whacked Generation!

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Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 13:59:12 -0500
Subject: [undercurrents] Re: Generation Flash? The Whacked Generation!

> I note 'the Slackers' couldn't manage a moral
> panic - a media and culture dialogue through
> which Western popular culture has developed
> in 'rupture' with the past - becaue they were, 
> well, slack; but there has been moral panic
> building for quite some time in the 'new
> generation', the one Lev Manovitch attempted
> to name: Generation Flash.
> I replied to Lev Manovitch’s ‘ Generation Flash’ 
> in this way: I 
> think I pitched it about right:
> Lev, 
> Generation Flash? The Flashers?
> They are the Whacked Generation. They 
> are whacked by McJobs, whacked by long hours 
> low pay, whacked by high fees in education, and 
> not getting the gen on what new media/digital 
> culture/internet is really 
> all about from 'new media theorists' like you, 
> whacked by media and advertising competing for 
> their low pay, their attention and their lives, 
> whacked by racism, sexism, homophobia and 
> microserfdom, whacked by every new upgrade to 
> the tools of their trade.8.0 and whacked by 
> nano-pay for nano-work.....too whacked to 
> see a future, too whacked to have fun, too 
> whacked to care, too whacked to take this 
> situation very much longer. 
> The Flashers indeed? 
> They are The Whackers! 
> Lachlan 
> Re: New Media Modernism
> Walter Benjamin is usually a good source for 
> explanations of ‘modernity’ in its various 
> guises and the following seems relevant to a 
> number of ‘new media’ contexts:
> "Fascism attempts to organize the newly created proletarian 
> masses without affecting the property structure which the masses 
> strive to eliminate. Fascism sees its salvation in giving these 
> masses not their right, but instead a chance to express themselves. 
> The masses have a right to change property relations; Fascism seeks 
> to give them an expression while preserving property. The logical result of Fascism is the introduction of aesthetics into political life." 
> -- Walter Benjamin
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