Vincent on Sun, 28 Apr 2002 18:29:01 +0200 (CEST)

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Hi, My name is Vincent.

I am an ordinary man living in the UK who has learned how to make a living on the Internet 
working from home. I am willing to teach you to do the same via 
simple, step by step, easy to follow lessons so you can be successful to, as quickly and 
painlessly as possible.

I will work closely with you and teach you everything I know for free. I will also provide you 
with the free tools, resources and advertising software so you can 
achieve this success in an efficient and easy manner.

It is an international business with over 6.7 million entrepreneurs from more than 200 
countries worldwide becoming affiliates; many are earning in excess of 
$100,000+ a year. It is officially the largest and fastest growing Internet Based Marketing 
Company in the world.

You don't have to be a computer whiz or genius to learn to earn on the Internet. You just 
need a dream and be willing to give some time to learning and 
implementing the things that I teach you.

You won't get rich quick but you will be able to build a good solid income, an income that 
will depend solely on you and whether or not you are willing to 
learn. If you are willing to learn and want to get to know and work with a real person, then 
contact me.

Why would I be willing to help you for Free? The company I am affiliated with pay me 
commissions on how well I do at promoting their products/services. If I 
teach you to do the same they pay me commissions on how well you do at promoting their 
products and services also.

So my goal will be to teach you so well that you are making money and I am making money. 
If you are not successful then I am not successful, so I do 
have an interest in helping and seeing you succeed.

To build a profitable online business you just have to know how and where to advertise 
these products/services to generate sales and leads. I will show you 
some tried and tested advertising techniques that have been the backbone behind my 

I will even provide you with a fully working and registered copy of Desktop Server 2000, 
Atomic Harvester 3, List Manager, Text Bomber 2000, Post News 
2000, On Target 3 and E-mail Marketing 98 for free, worth well over $1000. I will also 
provide complete instructions on how to set-up and use each piece of 
software easily and effectively. 

These 7 incredible advertising programs are all you will need to start and build any 
online/offline business.

If you are interested in learning more or to receive your free advertising software please 
send a blank E mail to
I look forward to hearing back from you soon and hope to be working closely with you in 
the near future.

I am at your service!


This is a onetime mailing, you will not receive any further E-mail's from me and you do not 
have to remove yourself from any list.

Your E-mail address came with a bulk E-mail list that I brought from an online provider. They 
told me in good faith that you had agreed to receive 
information on lucrative work at home business opportunities. If offended in my mailing 
please contact the list provider at

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