integer on Sun, 28 Apr 2002 05:03:02 +0200 (CEST)

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Ben Bogart - FMPM/F1999 <>

>Especially for those tinkering with the PD GUI!

radiant smiles.

i think there are a lot of talented programmers frequenting this 
uncensored forum (i was forced to bleed for this but it was a good investment) 
and hope you shall be pleased with my suggestions. the tasks i assign you and
both the financial + spiritual rewards!

yes - i (with you) shall change the way we compute.
after which i indulge my veritable desires fully

vr!endel!jk. nn  

>from integer:
>My name is Netochka Nezvanova. I am the Director
>of Leaves and Petals at the Steim Institute in Netherlands,
>flamboyant scientist and young girl.
>I have developed a very flexible and elastic 
>realtime/non-realtime audio library for MAX entitled WTO.0+74.
>Unlike all others, WTO.0+74 isn't based on PD (ie. it isn't licensed 
>course) and 
>obviously it is less linear than PD/MSP because Miller Puckette is an 
>(aging) man 
>whilst I am a (young) girl. 
>I mention aging and young for they reflekt reality
>but the absence of, would not the balance of springiness greatly alter -
>a man may give life for a dekade or so (and Miller Puckette has), 
>but a woman gives beautiful life throughout her lifetime (I have only 
>B. Bogart

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