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[Nettime-bold] Juvenilia Ante Academia 1/4

March 28, 1994      

Literary Change 

A Discussion of Literary and Cultural Issues 

Introduction to 
Literary Change

This is the first issue of a new free weekly newsletter.  The central purpose 
and editorial policy of this publication is to discuss a particular thesis 
about Western literature, which is, briefly stated, that we have a basic 
problem in our use of a canonical system--that is, stable works that endure 
over time.  

Now, at first this thesis might sound crazy--that's why we have to use the 
newsletter format to cover all the necessary and crucial issues that must be 
discussed in order to make this thesis mean something.  What does it mean to 
suggest that we should no longer base our literary ideas on a canonical 

The whole premise might be summarized in two words--Freedom and Democracy.  
Language is used by each individual, and it can't be chopped up into little 
parts.  Also, everyone needs language--customized and tailored to the unique 
personality and situation of each person--and we shouldn't divide the world 
up into "writers" and "readers."  That kind of generalizing causes more 
problems than we realize.

Overall we will try to be as cogent, intelligent, and comprehensible as 
possible.  Where appropriate, we will cite the relevant works, so that 
readers can access outside sources.  We will print relevant excerpts from 
work in the public domain, like Shakespeare. 

Well, that's about all for a summary.  Every generation needs some kind of 
cultural change as a project, and the project we are proposing is to start 
trying to build a de-centralized, non-canonical literary system.  What does 
that gobbledygook mean?  That is the the challenge to our talented writing 
staff.  We on the editorial staff hope that you find the newsletter both 
challenging, relevant, and enjoyable.

    --The Editors.


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