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[Nettime-bold] Adv: April's News Notes

Title: New Page 1 - April 2002 Newsletter

A Modern Boat Show of a Bygone Era  
One annual East Coast boat show deserves to be singled out from
the rest, _  More

MarineLiens Introduced to Consumer Market
Following the introduction of MarineLiens Ltd. to the marine trade, the
company is now entering_More

MarineLiens Volume Discounts  
Marine Liens Ltd. would like to remind users of the discount for volume
searches_ More

 HOT ISSUE: Propeller Guards  
There is currently much ado in the industry surrounding propeller guards.
Many vessels are already using propeller guards....    More  

What is the real issue with personal watercraft? Is it the speed, the noise,
or the reckless use that is rousing the public.....    More

n recent years, schools of sharks have been reported around beaches in 
the United States. Sidney Harbor, Australia _

Hot issue: Sunken Containers  
Reports of vessels hitting submerged objects in the open oceans have 
provoked interesting solutions._  More

Recently we monitored an online chat revolving around the topic of an offshore
registered megayacht that hired crew_ More

Cargo liens In the eyes of the turkish  
Under Turkish law, boat owners have a lien on any cargo for outstanding freight,
including demurrage, deadfreight and distance freight._  More 

Business Law 101: Insurance Pitfalls  
The challenge with your maritime insurance policy is to make sure your business's
claim falls within the contract you sign. Here's a few ways_ More

Find out what makes maritime liens unique among other liens, such as
possessory liens and ship mortgages_  More

Regulations of the PRC on Int'l Marine ShippinG  
Regulations of the People's Republic of China on International Marine Shipping

( the "Regulations"), effective on January 1, 2002, applies to operation activities
and related auxiliary business of international marine shipping _ More

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