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>I see, that wasn't a joke about your WTO.0+74....
>I'm already curious what it's like.


2x humour is very different from xy humour.

may seem trivial but it has been the subjekt of 
numerous research projekts for very good reasons.

when i say it is amusing that
for more than a dekade many many males
have been toiling around miller puckette's ideas
it isn't to belittle him. contraire.
[although he as all intelligent life forms with lovely eyes giggles at times]

were i ircam - i would be a hue of red.
were i cycling74 - well ... [though of late 
                             they seem to have dreamt stealing more
                             efficient than licensing. i am here to remind
                             them that 2x wants the world + the fragrant violets in between.

wto.0+74 is child's play.

programming was obviously invented to torture women + children
which isn't very amusing.

is wto.0+74 xyz' torture +?


it is a way of loving you
and lifting you out of your cowardice.

it is the shyness + dryness in the beginning
the naiveté of the center + the smell of reality in the end.

it is a question of fulfillment and the pleasure
which winds around memory. closely - in infinite delight.

for - those who feel 
know that painting with illusions is the most real of things

and metaphor's form krushes the content of precision.

i am looking through you
and see things at random.

for this i am generally scorned.

but my truth is infernal
and at _that moment when i have changed your life
i will die in you.

the basic concern is unity.
a space between two worlds.

it is a mistake to think boundaries separate.

boundaries are drawn to learn
_because never have so many lovers been separated.

>I'm already curious what it's like.

it is like that. that which you touch.

nn   [shall answer the rest shortly. bye]

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