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[Nettime-bold] Peaches in a can, put there by a man

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002 15:14:11 -0400
 John Klima <> wrote:
> this is an intriguing idea, and i'm gonna play devil's
>  advocate and not
> reject the notion off hand.  you rightfully say that our
>  machines are
> our souls, but personally i own more than one (soul?).

Machines are our souls?  Oh drivlito.  

Soul is a synonym of sorts to genius.  So Chris Fahey, hard
 and brassy in thy doubt, does everyone have a soul?  Why
 soul is not a pretentious crummy word I can never know.

Basically professional artists, anointed genii of the
 electrometier, prefer the smooth richness of "soul" to the
 harsh dagger of "genius."

It's the tyranny of the half-measure as I always say.
  Also, if you use ten machines then you do not have ten
 souls, you have a ten-part temple of your soul or talent.
  So, I don't have a telephone soul, a typing soul, a
 4track soul, and a hammer soul.  I have a
 telephonetyping4trackhammergeist.  Tools are machines too.
  Tools and machines are material history, 2000; 2000 and
 genius are not the same; machines and souls are not the
 same; humans are what happens when they collide.

Here's proof:

This is my first masterpiece of songwriting, from spring
 1997, to help me get the fuck out of Syracuse

Sugar in Your Gas Tank

Part One bassline:  	C G C F (4 times)

Part Two bassline:  	A E C G, A E G (1 time)
			A E C G, A E F (hold F) G (1 time)

Intro:  Part 1 & 2, instrumental/lead only

I never met Roy Orbison
I never met Jesus Christ
I never met Paul Westerberg
I never met Burl Ives

They’re all just singin’ songs to you
And your mother
We’re all just singin’ songs to you
Tell your mother….
Tell your mother

I never been to Africa
I never been super-high
I never been to Antarctica
I never been crucified

They’re all just things you gotta do
For your mother
They’re all just things you gotta do
For your mother….
Tell your mother

(Part one and two, instrumental/lead)

Sugar in your gas tank it’s a funny feeling
Sugar in your gas tank it’s a funny feeling
Sugar in your gas tank it’s a funny feeling
Sugar in your gas tank it’s a funny feeling

(Part two instrumental/lead)

Just sugar
Just sugar
Just sugar
In your gas tank baby

(Outro:  Part 1, 4 times, some vocals/lead)


Now this is copyright Max Herman.  I made this.  However, I
 would certainly sponsor and promote a CD D'electrometier
 of many versions and styles.  All cashflow split even
 steven.  Anyone know how to make such a pig fly?  Joseph?
  My version gets to go first or last but everything goes.
  21 ways of looking at a song.  Dead serious moneymaking
 put me to the test to pay the bills.  Curt, you have label
 connections right?  Maybe we can even get potusa to do


I am glad the way the list is going, fights and fresh
 faces.  There are too many posts however, so I am going to
 switch to my Daily Post mode.  I will try to send one
 large post instead of many small ones.

My transmissiongeist is sorta ground up however so it won't
 be right away.  I mean, the superficially perfect form of
 right away.  


I do support Liza Sabater for the Rhizome editor job.  She
 has the admin skills, a knowledge that crosses the dmz
 d'electrometier, guts, charm, you name it.  Plus it would
 be a stout rejoinder to all fears or charges of favoritism
 toward me and my ilk.  If I ever did get anything on
 Digest, I'd be like "hey I must be maturing, let me try
 that again."  Or maybe, "whoa if she liked that it must be
 dreck let me go and beat up my dog."  My promises are
 worth nothing of course but I won't try to undermine the
 Rhizome editor whomever it may be unless some horrible
 unforeseeable event happens.  

Bye for now,  Max


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