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[Nettime-bold] [Psrf] Photostatic Retrograde Archive, no. 46 + supplements

now available for download, retrograde rerelease no. 4, may 2002:

Photostatic 41 (release no. 46)

CVS Bulletin

YAWN 38: "Assessing the Art Strike" by Stewart Home

The Complete YAWN

Plagiarism: Crime of the Millennium

Description: Back from the Art Strike 1990-1993. This issue marks the 
return of the Photostatic title after a three-year absence in support 
of a project of the Neoists called Art Strike 1990-1993. An 
explanation of the reasons behind this collective action would be too 
long to go into here. To find out more, visit the YAWN site 
(http://yawn.detritus.net/), a nearly exhaustive repository of Art 
Strike material.

The Art Strike had a forceful impact on the Photostatic project. Up 
until 1989, Photostatic was a regularly-appearing periodical with a 
'Retrofuturism' section. The force of the Art Strike made Photostatic 
splinter into a bewildering array of related titles. These include:

     * Photostatic Magazine and Retrofuturism (http://psrf.detritus.net/)
     * YAWN: Sporadic Critique of Culture  (http://yawn.detritus.net/)
     * Bulletin of the Copyright Violation Squad (http://cvs.detritus.net/)
     * The Expatriot (http://xp.detritus.net/)

All titles fit into the same continuum of pagination. Therefore all 
are recognized as a part of this site's purview, and therefore 
accessible from it. These additional titles are treated here as 
supplemental materials, and can be accessed through the many 
plus-sign (+) anchors scattered throughout the site.

Project Overview: The Photostatic Retrograde Archive serves as a 
repository for a complete collection of Photostatic Magazine, 
Retrofuturism, and Psrf, in electronic form. We are posting issues in 
PDF format, at more or less regular intervals, in reverse 
chronological order to form a mirror image in time of the original 
series. When the first issue, dating from 1983, is finally posted in 
several year's time, then this electronic archive will be complete.

issue directory: http://psrf.detritus.net/issues.html


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