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[Nettime-bold] Re's galore

> I also think that many non-artist programmers would resist
> referring to Flash as a programming language. Well, they
> would giggle. Programmers tend to think of C/C++, Fortran,
> Basic, Java as their materials.

Any programmer who giggles at the idea of Flash as a programming
language is uninformed.


There really is nothing to argue. People are reading more into this than there really is. It was a fairly astute aside and somebody got defensive. Who cares. List soap opera. That's how these lists seem to operate, though. Post if you don't mind being completely misread. (don't doubt this will end up being interpreted as part of some French anti-Semitic thread somewhere)

It's JUST a language and it's JUST a program and it's JUST a computer. I think Stuart Copeland (drummer for the Police) said "drums are a joke, man". Yeah, that goes double for computers. These things are just toys. Use them like that or hire somebody else and don't bother buying one.

Computers aren't worth much consideration. There's a lot of other stuff to think about. Don't use them more than you absolutely have to, because even the good ones aren't made very well and tend to malfunction. Like anything, they have uses. Computers do their job and then you turn them off.

So I guess the REAL question is "is programming in any language a REAL activity?" at all. Flocks of people rush to get mislead by these dumb questions and actually think there's a way to answer them. Who cares, just type if you really need to. Reality is a dumb concept. Serves no purpose. "Is this GOOD? Is that BAD?" Makes no difference. "Is this TRUE? Is that FALSE?" What a ridiculous way to label things. "Is that vanilla ice cream or a tub of lard?" Now this is a useful question.



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